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What Is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is the process of tracking and analyzing data from your incoming phone calls.

If you run marketing campaigns with the goal of generating telephone calls, keeping track of those incoming calls and using the collected data to adjust your campaigns makes call tracking an invaluable tool.

It is done by using a specialized call management system which helps you optimize your campaigns for calls per dollar spent.

Detailed Analytics Provide Critical Insights

A modern call tracking service lets you gather a treasure trove of information about your campaigns. By being able to associate customer calls to specific advertising channels, locations, ad copy and many other details you can quickly discontinue unprofitable campaigns and double down on the best performing ones. How do you know if your billboard ads are profitable? Assign a unique phone number to them and measure the amount of sales they generate Wondering which ad copy works best for your PPC ads? You guessed it, use different phone numbers for them and compare their tracking reports

The above examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Recording and analyzing data such as the length of calls from each channel, the time distribution of incoming phone calls, the exact keyword that generated the call (pay-per-click campaigns) etc. Combined with the power of tools such as Google Analytics makescall tracking solutionsa secret weapon in your arsenal

Call Recording

In regions where it’s allowed, the phone call tracking system also records the whole conversation. This enables many additional ways to improve your marketing efforts. Now you can gain insight to what questions the callers have, what are the most common objections they raise as well as how well your sales team has handled them. By analyzing call recordings, you can identify pain points and improve your sales procedures further enhancing the profitability of your marketing efforts.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

In essence, the call tracking system assigns unique phone numbers to specific marketing channels, mediums, locations or keywords. As the phone calls come in, the system creates a record of where the call originated from, the length of the call, whether the caller made a purchase and a whole lot of other data points.

This data is then stored in a database and the software creates daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports showing all the information the calls produced. A skilled marketer can use these reports to optimize their ad spend ROI.

There are 2 main ways call tracking can be set up. Which method you use is based on which marketing channels you want to track and optimize.

Unique Tracking Numbers

Unique trackable phone numbers are used in offline advertising campaigns. You can choose as many tracking phone numbers as you need and assign them to your radio and TV ads, billboard and other print ads, business cards etc. You can also segment this further by using unique numbers for different messages or placements within the same channel. By tracking the phone calls, you can quickly identify which ads are performing well and which ones to cut back on. Effective offline marketing at its best!

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

The most efficient way to track your incoming calls originating from online sources. This system allows you to identify whether the lead comes from organic search or paid ads, the referral sources such as social media pages and display ads or the blogs the visitor is clicking over from. DNI is also used to identify the exact keyword that triggered the click from your PPC ads, making optimization of your ad campaigns a breeze.

Starting with dynamic call tracking is easy, all it takes is placing a unique Java script code on your pages. This is a simple task for any web developer.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Call Tracking System?

A call tracking service offers many benefits to those who know how to use the information it provides. It gives you an undeniable competitive advantage over businesses who are not using such solutions and therefore relying on guesswork in their marketing.

Number of Data Points Available

An advanced system such as AvidTrak allows for the tracking of many different kinds of information allowing you to gain insight it would be impossible to get otherwise. By carefully monitoring marketing channels and constantly adjusting your strategy you can gain an almost unfair advantage over others.

The Speed of Collecting Meaningful Information

As soon as you start receiving calls you also start to gather valuable data. By examining daily or hourly reports or even looking at real time tracking you can quickly identify patterns and make adjustmentsas needed. Split testing ad placements, designs, copy or call to actions has just become a whole lot more effective.

Maximizing Campaign ROI

Tracking the exact numbers of calls and sales generated by each marketing channel allows you to calculate the return on investment (ROI) for each method. This allows your marketing team to try out previously untapped sources and potentially find new profitable ad placement opportunities. With the increased amount of incoming calls – and the implementation of call recording software - the sales team can also improve faster, increasing the ROI even further.

Gaining Actionable Customer Insights

Analyzing information such as the caller’s location, ZIP code, gender, call duration, call frequency and many others may lead to recognizing patterns and behaviors you have previously not thought of. Common questions and objections may emerge from listening to call recordings as well as potential problems with your sales process. You might also identify a new product or service that can be added to your offerings based on interest from customers. The opportunities are almost endless, and actions based on data usually lead to more profit down the line.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Monitoring how your sales stuff is interacting with customers can lead to improvement in many ways. The recorded conversations can help you identify team members who deserve praise and further motivating them by recognizing their efforts. You can also see who from the team may need additional training so that they too, can perform better. Better customer interaction leads to better experience and more repeat customers for your business.

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