About Call Tracking Numbers

Get Local Tracking Numbers from AvidTrak with Extra Features

Local tracking phone numbers allow you to stay close to your local customers. They can lead to increased trust by letting your customers know your business has a presence close to them. Choose from thousands of area codes whether you need a number in your home town or in a different location. Our local numbers come with call recording, greeting and whisper features allowing you to customize your caller’s experience.

Toll Free Numbers for Increased Brand Size Perception

Using popular toll-free prefixes for your call tracking numbers can help you reach nationwide audiences or cover a large geographical area. They can lead to your brand being perceived as a large, trustworthy organization offering customers an easy call option without the long-distance fees. AvidTrak toll free numbers are coming with the same added functionality such as call recording, whisper message and greeting options.

Instant tracking phone number availability

Whether you choose local or toll free numbers for your marketing campaigns you can easily configure and deploy them in minutes. They are available instantly so you can set up a new campaign and have the calls tracked from the moment you submit them.

What about porting your existing numbers?

With AvidTrak, you can port your existing phone numbers easily. While our support team is happy to assist you with the process, please note that we also offer a solution where you can use your own phone numbers without the hassle or risks of porting them. Our advanced call routing system let’s you keep your numbers and still enjoy all the benefits call tracking can provide to your marketing ROI.

FAQ about Call Tracking Numbers

What are the benefits of using call tracking numbers?


Using tracking phone numbers provide you with detailed, actionable data to improve your marketing efforts. They allow you to set up A/B tests, collect valuable customer information, pinpoint less effective ads and ad placements and identify the most profitable campaigns. Analyzing call recordings can also help you improve your entire sales process and to identify top performing sales team members.

Are they expensive?


Using call tracking numbers is a very cost-effective way to improve your company’s return on investment on their advertising budget. They can significantly enhance the quality and quantity of the results and has been shown to increase ROI by as much as 20 times as prior to using them. Please see our pricing and number availability tables here.

Should I use local or toll-free numbers?


It is up to the image you are trying to project to your potential customers. Local numbers can make your callers feel more familiar with your company while toll free numbers will project a larger brand image. Your callers will also not be charged for long-distance fees if they are calling a toll free number.

What is dynamic call tracking?


Dynamic call tracking is an advanced option used for online campaigns that lets’ you trace back calls to the exact keywords that triggered them or the specific ads that resulted in a sales call. If you want to learn more about how dynamic number insertion works you can read it here.

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