Use Dynamic Phone Number Insertion to Track Calls from your PPC and Organic Traffic.

Dynamic Phone Number Insertion

Dynamic Phone Number Insertion

This method allows you to track calls back to clicks from:

  • Paid and Organic Search
  • Referral Sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp.
  • Display Ads (Google, Yahoo, AdCenter)
  • Blogs
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Paid Search Keyword Level Call Tracking requires Dynamic Number Insertion.

Keyword Level Call Tracking

Every visitor from Paid Search is shown a different call tracking number.

The record of the web visit is assigned a “session tracking ID.”

Session tracking ID captures the keyword that brought the visitor

Phone calls are matched with session IDs with results published in a report that provides the keyword matched with call.

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Keyword Level Call Tracking Using Dynamic Phone Number Insertion

Matching Display Ad Clicks to Calls also requires Dynamic Phone Number Insertion.

Display Ad Call Tracking Using Dynamic Phone Number Insertion

Display Ad Call Tracking Using Dynamic Number Insertion

Web Visitors from Display Ad Clicks are also shown different phone numbers

The record of the web visit is assigned a “session tracking ID.”

Session tracking ID of the Display Ad Click captures the Publisher, Ad Creative and Campaign Name.

Phone calls are matched with Display Ad session IDs with results published in reports that allow you to Optimize your selection of creative and publishers.

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Setup is Easy. All You Need is a Snippet of Tracking Code and a Pool of Numbers.

Tracking Code and Pool of Numbers

After signing up with AvidTrak, place your account Avid account’s JavaScript on your web pages

Acquire a pool of tracking numbers from AvidTrak and assign a tracking (marketing) channel to each number. Depending on the source of clicks these numbers will rotate on your web page.

Enter the target swap numbers in AvidTrak. Target numbers are the numbers on your website that will be swapped by pool of tracking numbers.

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Tracking Code and Pool of Numbers

Track Calls from All Your Major Web Traffic Referral Sources

which depicts Referral Source Tracking

which depicts Referral Source Tracking

Assign a pool of tracking numbers to track calls from your web traffic referral sources.

Compensate and incentivize traffic partners based on the quantity of phone leads delivered to you.

Utilize link specific phone number allocation to pay for phone leads from high value referral sites which get you a targeted audience.

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FAQ about Dynamic Phone Number Insertion Call Tracking

How difficult is it to place AvidTrak JavaScript tracking code? How is it done?


JavaScript tracking script is unique to each account and can be placed easily on your web pages by any web developer. An example of JavaScript tracking code is shown below. The code is to be placed at the bottom of the page just before the closing </body> tag

<script type='text/javascript'>
var _atq = _atq || [];
var __ats=document.createElement('script');__ats.type='text/javascript';__ats.async=true;
var __spn=document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];__spn.parentNode.insertBefore(__ats,__spn);

Can the same tracking code be used for Paid Search as well as SEO Keyword Call Tracking?


Yes! The AvidTrak JavaScript is a Universal tracking script which tracks clicks from Search (Paid and Organic), Display and Referral Sources which send you traffic.

How many call tracking numbers would I need to start my call tracking?


We recommend that you get at least 1 number per each visitor per hour. For example if your Adwords campaign generates 100 clicks over 10 hours you would need at least 10 tracking numbers.

To get a more accurate average hourly traffic flow rate you may refer to your Google Analytics account and look at hourly traffic rates.

How much should I expect to pay for Keyword Level Call Tracking?


You would pay for your monthly phone number rental plus phone talk time. AvidTrak Pricing is very competitive and we offer a free trial as well.

I have more than 1,000 keywords in my PPC Account but 10 keywords are responsible for more than 70% of the clicks and ad spend. Is it possible to track calls only those 10 keywords instead of every keyword?


Yes. With AvidTrak you may choose to track all your or only a selected set of keywords.

Implementing a call tracking system for a targeted set of high value keywords allows you to focus your attention on only those keywords that incur you the most expenditure.

Can I track Organic Keywords? If not then what are my alternatives?


Organic keywords are increasingly being masked by search engines. An alternative strategy that is available to SEO specialists is to derive which page and combination of pages thereof lead to phone calls.

By using call tracking numbers specifically for the purposes of page visit URL tracking an SEO specialist may gather valuable data on which web pages act as entry pages and which pages are call conversion pages.

I get hundreds of clicks every month from dozens of different Referral Sources. Do I really need to get 1 number for each traffic sources?


You do not need to get 1 number for each traffic source. If your Referral Source traffic rate (from all sources) is say 10 per day you could manage with just 2 numbers.

When would it make sense for me to dedicate a tracking number to a specific Referral Source?


The answer depends on the value of the click. If you are paying more than $3 per click for links placed on a 3rd party website (such as a blog) then you should dedicate a tracking number for that link. If you are not getting calls from the clicks, then it may be time for you renegotiate the cost of the click.

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