Top Five Components of Call Analytics

Implementing a marketing campaign that drives revenue requires hard work, perseverance and is fraught with risk. The good news is that call analytics tools allow you to make your job a little easier and mitigate risk.

Call analytics is not just about figuring out which campaign worked for you in generating a phone call or determining the caller ID of the individual who called your business. Indeed an effective marketing campaign uses all the elements of Call Analytics to figure out what mix of components works best in garnering phone calls.

Here is a list of the critical five components of Call Analytics that you should be looking at that could make your marketing campaign more effective:

  1. Keywords
  2. Landing Pages
  3. Marketing Channels Targeted to Relevant Demographic
  4. Ad Schedules
  5. Scripting for Call Center

Targeting Keywords that Work

Adwords does a great job in confirming the paid search keywords that worked in generating an online lead. However, to complete the picture of all conversions that come by way of your campaign you would need to know which keyword led to the phone call.

The quickest and easiest way to get your complete data set is to acquire Google-provided tracking numbers for your campaigns. However, there are limitations in what Google can provide you in that Google will not provide you with: call recording, call recording transcripts, Caller ID and Caller location. Also, Google only provides tracking numbers for calls that come through the search giant’s advertising platforms. If you are doing social media advertising on platforms such as Facebook, or LinkedIn or advertising on Google’s search platform competitors i.e. Bing and Yahoo you would need to get your own numbers from a company such as AvidTrak.

Whether you use Google numbers or call tracking numbers from AvidTrak you will learn which paid search keywords drive you phone leads. You will learn whether a particular keyword is better at generating a lead when a potential customer is in the investigation phase of the purchase cycle, or whether that keyword is better when the customer is ready to complete the purchase. Knowing the value of the keywords in filling the sales funnel allows you to be better at managing your keyword bids and as a consequence managing your return on investment (ROI).


Landing Pages that Assist and Convert

Imagine having the ability to shoehorn your web visitors through a series of steps that would increase the chances of a phone lead. If you are used to doing online sales and use Google Analytics, you are likely quantifying and evaluating web pages that lead to online conversions as well as measuring and scoring pages that assist in garnering those conversions.

Phone call leads can also be tracked in a similar manner. You may use either Google Analytics or AvidTrak’s own page URL tracking script to determine which pages work better in generating a phone lead versus the page that play a critical part in assisting the creation of the phone lead.


Target a Marketing Channel to a specific Demographic

You can roughly track an online lead conversion to a particular demographic using the IP address of the visitor. However, phone call leads render in much greater detail information on the demographic that matches (or not) well with your chosen marketing channels.

Using a caller’s phone ten digit ID you can track the location of the caller and by way of the location you can track in many cases the relevant income of the household of the caller. You can also listen to a call recording to determine gender of the caller. You can take it a level deeper using speech transcript to gauge whether the callers use certain keywords, and use those keywords in your landing pages and advertising copy.

As in any statistical exercise we do advise that matching a marketing channel to a particular demographic requires adequate sample size to prevent false-positive or false-negative signals. But the good news is that if your business generates the sample size, you would benefit from targeting your channel to a particular targeted demographic.


Ad Scheduling

Do you run your Ads 24/7 but staff your telephone banks only 12-hours a day? With call tracking reports you can determine call load volumes and missed calls that could have turned into leads. You can also use Advanced Call routing rules to never miss a lead by funneling calls to employees’ cell phones after work hours or during peak hours when your call center loads exceed acceptable customer waiting queue times.


Scripting for Call Centers

The purpose of your marketing campaign is to increase revenue by improving the quality of the lead flow. To track your revenue to leads you would push all your leads into a CRM tool such as Salesforce to allow you to gauge the channel, ad and keywords that lead to revenue.

You would also use the call recording and transcript functions to match with dropped sales opportunities and also successfully closed sales to gauge and determine what elements of the communication cycle (between your agent and potential client) caused the sale to be lost or successfully closed. You would use the learning to improve the scripting and training of your sales agents located in your call center. You would determine whether the sales agents are actually listening to the caller before offering a solution? You would determine if leads are mismatched with the knowledgebase of the sales team.

You would determine if the sales that closed successfully were due to a pleasant user experience where the caller was not kept waiting or whether sales were lost due to delays in connecting a caller to an agent.



As any marketing strategist would tell you getting a continuously positive, ROI marketing mix together is an iterative process that requires careful implementation of tactics, success/failure measurement tools and human analytics aided by software.

There is no single solution that fits all campaigns, for all companies all the time. However, there are near-fit solutions offered by call tracking companies such as AvidTrak that have been developed for and with the help of thousands of businesses that operate on the AvidTrak call tracking analytics platform.  The AvidTrak call-tracking analytics platform is available with a free trial; may be setup with minimal effort and is also customizable to suit your requirements. So start out on your call analytics efforts today.

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