Benefits of Using

Different types of Call Tracking

Source Level Call Tracking

Assign a unique call tracking number

  • to each source of web traffic: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp and thousands more marketing channels
  • View the performance of your marketing channels (sources) in an easy to understand report.

Use Dynamic Number Insertion to track specific keywords

Keyword Level Call Tracking

  • Knowing which Paid Search Keyword is creating calls is a necessity for increasing revenue and profits from Paid Search Campaigns
  • Use Dynamic Number Insertion to track specific keywords from specific marketing channels.

DON’T forget to track the performance of your Offline Marketing Channels! Tracking Calls from Print, Radio and TV campaigns leads to better allocation of your Ad Dollars.

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Call Tracking for your Print,
Radio and TV Ads

Set up Call Tracking

  • Offline Channels in Minutes
  • Use Call Whisper “TV Ad 1000 ? to alert call attendant of source of lead
  • Run daily, weekly and monthly reports of Offline Ad Campaign

Effectively Managing Ad Budgets for Franchise Businesses can be challenging work

Franchise Business Call Tracking

  • With AvidTrak, implementing Keyword or Source Level call tracking is simple and cost effective.
  • Keep track of the leads you generate for each Franchisee
  • Track back each lead to the specific keyword and marketing channel

Track Online Conversions from
Web Forms and Email on AvidTrak

Online Conversion Tracking

  • We are avid about tracking which means we support your efforts to track online web form conversions, downloads and emails.
  • Use our Online conversion tracking feature to track online conversions of web contact forms, white paper downloads and even emails.
  • Run reports on different online conversions for various periods.

Manage Adwords Mobile Call Only
Campaigns with Your Own Numbers integrate Adwords Call Only Campaign Data into AvidTrak

Adwords Mobile Call Only Campaigns

  • Use AvidTrak Phone Numbers in Adwords Call Only Campaigns to Get More Data on Who is Calling You
  • Record and Transcribe Calls from Adwords Call Only Campaigns
  • Integrate Adwords Call Only Campaign Data into AvidTrak to get clear picture on Cost Per Lead
  • Track Calls at Keyword or Campaign Level

Clarifications on Pricing for Call Tracking Numbers & Minutes

AvidTrak Numbers come packaged with Call Tracking Software which comprises of a hosted software solution. The call tracking service is a prepaid service which is offered on a month-to-month basis.

Our service fee structure is broken up into:

  • Monthly recurring charges for phone number rental
  • Talk time minutes for inbound phone calls

Monthly Recurring Charges for Phone Number Rental

The phone number rental is collected in advance every month on the 1st of the month. We do not refund monthly rental fee after it has been deducted from your account.

Talk time Minutes for Inbound Phone Calls

Charges for talk time on the phone use accrue daily. Your account will be charged for the amount of talk time incurred by you.


Questions  Answers

What is “Online�? and “Offline�? call tracking?

“Online Call Tracking�? refers to tracking of calls that arise after a person has visited your website, seen a phone number and called. Examples of Online Call Tracking would be tracking calls from clicks from Google Adwords’ Campaigns. “Offline Call Tracking�? refers to those calls that arise without a web visit. Examples of Offline Call Tracking would be tracking calls from Print, Radio and TV.

What is Dynamic Number Insertion? What is required to implement it?

Changing and displaying a different phone number to a web visitor based upon meeting specific criteria of the visitor’s click is called dynamic insertion. A snippet of JavaScript code placed on your website is needed to achieve dynamic phone number insertion

What are “Channels?

Channels are an abbreviation of “Marketing Channels.�? A marketing channel typically refers to the media source that builds awareness of your product/service. A trade show is a marketing channel. Google PPC Ads are a marketing channel. Yellow Page ads are a marketing channel.

Does call tracking for Custom Tags or Franchisee Businesses require a different setup of accounts?

The call tracking account is the same and the tracking code placed on your website is the same. The only difference is in how you allocate and setup the call tracking numbers. AvidTrak Product Support Team helps its clients with the entire setup process.

Google provides tracking phone numbers for Call Only Campaigns, so why should we use AvidTrak numbers?

Google provides a basic free service and as such does not provide Caller ID, City and State of Caller, Call Recording and Transcription of Calls. Additionally, with AvidTrak you may port and keep the call tracking numbers permanently so that you never miss a lead even after you stop advertising with Google.

What value does AvidTrak – Adwords Mobile Call Only Campaign Integration deliver?

By importing your Adwords Mobile Call Only campaigns metrics into the AvidTrak platform you will get a clear picture of Cost Per Lead across all your campaigns. Additionally, you may use the AvidTrak-Google Universal Analytics Integration and AvidTrak-Salesforce Integration to push conversion values into both tools to render you a complete picture on marketing spend and its effect on closed i.e. revenue yielding leads.

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