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Advanced Call Routing for Immediate Response

Time is of the essence for potential customers seeking Yoga services. AvidTrak recognizes this urgency and has crafted an intricate call routing system. Whether during business hours, after-hours, or holidays, our system ensures that potential clients are immediately connected to attendants who can schedule appointments.

Moreover, by leveraging the caller’s zip code, AvidTrak seamlessly directs the lead to the nearest Yoga Studio Service Provider, whether it’s Ashtanga, Bikram, Prenatal, or Vinyasa yoga. This ensures optimal service delivery and efficiency, all while expanding the brand’s reach through data-driven insights.

ROBO Call Blocking for Enhanced Productivity

Robocalls and spam can be a significant drain on a business’s resources. With AvidTrak, Yoga Studios gain a powerful shield against such nuisances. Our Spam and ROBO call blocking feature, included at no additional cost, ensures that businesses can focus on genuine clients without distractions.

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Accurate Ad Spend Analysis

Understanding where your leads come from and what prompts them to call is essential. With AvidTrak, Yoga Studio firms gain insights into their most profitable keywords, ads, and landing pages. Our platform’s compatibility with leading platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ad Center, and Google Analytics means businesses can hone in on their most effective marketing strategies, optimizing their ad spend for greater returns.

Comprehensive Lead Profiling

Determine the source of your lead, whether it’s through organic searches, social media, or other channels. AvidTrak’s platform also provides detailed caller analytics such as location, call duration, IP address, and more. With the ability to track the entire lead journey, from initial contact to conversion, businesses can streamline their processes and improve closure rates.

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In-Depth Reporting and Analysis

With up to 24-months of data storage, AvidTrak users can generate detailed trend reports. These insights help gauge the operational efficiency of marketing campaigns and establish concrete ROI trends, paving the way for future growth and strategy refinement.

AI-Powered Call Analysis

Harness the power of AvidTrak’s AI to sift through call transcripts for keywords indicating purchase intent. Tailor marketing strategies and train staff based on real data, ensuring your messaging is on point and conversion rates soar.

Seamless CRM Integration

Integration with leading CRM platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho allows AvidTrak users to directly tie their marketing spend to revenue, providing a clear and concise view of ROI.

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Why Choose AvidTrak?

  • Exceptional Support: We pride ourselves on unparalleled product support. Our team is here for you, without any hidden fees.
  • Trusted Expertise: With over a decade in the industry, our track record speaks for itself. Thousands of clients rely on AvidTrak daily, benefitting from features that competitors offer but at half the price.
  • Commitment-Free Trial: Dive into AvidTrak’s capabilities with a no-obligation free trial. Our dedicated team ensures smooth onboarding at no additional cost.

AvidTrak’s “Never Miss a Lead!” Solution

Imagine this: You’re a Yoga Studio owner, engrossed in a revenue-generating task. Your phone rings – a potential high-value lead. With AvidTrak’s ‘Never Miss a Lead!’ feature, you’re covered. This advanced call router not only records the call but also offers multiple opportunities for you to attend to the lead once you’re free. It’s a perfect balance, ensuring immediate service needs are met without compromising future business growth.

Elevate your Yoga Studio’s marketing and lead management to unprecedented heights with AvidTrak. Experience transformative ROI, precision targeting, and the peace of mind that no lead goes unnoticed.

Over 1000 clients switched to AvidTrak for our competitive pricing and support, remaining loyal ever since.

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The specified 30-day volume of talk time minutes in each local package. Overage charges are applicable only after the respective volume has been exceeded for the period.



The number of sms that a supervisor can send or receive. Overage charges are applicable only after the respective volume has been exceeded for the period.

Call Recording Minutes

Call Recording Minutes:

The number of minutes for which call recording will be available if recording will be set to on for the phone number.

CNAME Lookup Calls

CNAME Lookup Calls:

Number of calls for which caller name will be fetched (if enabled).

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