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Use Case: Harnessing AvidTrak Call Tracking and Lead Maximizer Product for Strategic Growth in a Nationwide Concrete and Paving Business

In the highly competitive world of concrete and paving services, every lead holds the potential for growth and success. Capturing these leads and managing them effectively is crucial, especially for nationwide franchises that operate in diverse markets. To meet this challenge, a leading concrete repair and paving franchise turned to AvidTrak’s Call Tracking and Contact Center product, unlocking unprecedented improvements in local ad spend efficacy and return on investment (ROI).

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Advanced Call Routing and Tracking

Prior to using AvidTrak, the franchise grappled with lost leads and unanswered calls, particularly during non-business hours and holidays. The introduction of AvidTrak’s advanced call routing system dramatically changed their lead management landscape. With intelligent routing during off-hours, leads were directed to attendants ready to respond, assuring customers their needs would be met and securing valuable business opportunities.

A standout feature of AvidTrak’s solution is the advanced zip code-based call routing. This mechanism matches the caller’s zip code with the nearest available franchise, ensuring a local response for every inquiry. When there is no franchisee available in the caller’s zip code, the call is seamlessly routed to the corporate voicemail system. This process ensures every potential customer’s call is recorded and acknowledged, which simultaneously empowers the franchise development team with vital data for territorial expansion.

Deep-Dive Tracking and Analytics

With AvidTrak, the franchise gained access to in-depth insights into their leads, revealing valuable information such as the lead’s source, the related ad campaign, caller location, call duration, and more. These granular insights helped determine which ad placements, keywords, landing pages, and marketing strategies were most effective, enabling them to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Comprehensive Reporting and AI-Powered Analysis

AvidTrak’s comprehensive reporting capabilities and integration with popular CRM systems like Salesforce and HubSpot transformed the franchise’s approach to data and analytics. With access to scheduled or on-demand hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly reports, they could accurately assess campaign performance, directly report revenue, and calculate ROI.

The franchise also harnessed the power of AvidTrak’s AI capabilities, using natural language processing to identify keywords indicating a strong intent to purchase. This data gave the franchise a powerful tool for optimizing their ads, training phone agents, and improving their conversion rates. AvidTrak’s AI could also analyze past successful sales to identify effective keywords, further refining their marketing strategies.

Concrete Tools Concrete LevelingThe Impact

The results were significant and immediate. The franchise experienced a surge in captured leads, maximized business opportunities, and increased ROI. AvidTrak’s detailed insights allowed them to optimize ad spending and improve marketing tactics. Meanwhile, the zip code-based call routing not only improved customer satisfaction but also provided the franchise development team with valuable data to guide their expansion strategy.

In summary, by deploying AvidTrak’s Call Tracking and Contact Center product, the concrete repair and paving franchise not only enhanced their lead management but also harnessed data-driven insights for strategic decision-making and growth. The product proved instrumental in redefining their business operations, giving them a competitive edge in a highly competitive industry, and paving the way for strategic growth.

Over 1000 clients switched to AvidTrak for our competitive pricing and support, remaining loyal ever since.

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