Efficiently track and attribute every lead from your organic traffic sources, including calls, texts, emails, and forms, empowering you to pinpoint the most effective campaigns driving quality leads.

determine which ORGANIC SOURCE generates the most phone leads

  • AvidTrak provides the capability to measure the level of customer engagement and awareness created by organic website traffic.
  • Use page URL traffic and page engagement data to improve conversions.
  • Complete your analytics’ attribution picture by tracking all sources of organic traffic.


  • Insert a unique call tracking number to distinguish between different sources of organic traffic and direct load visits to your website.
  • Follow web visitors using Call tracking numbers as they navigate through your website.
  • Connect phone calls from organic traffic directly to your sales teams.
  • Record calls and listen to conversations between your callers and your sales teams.


How many phone numbers would I need to use for organic traffic call tracking?

The quantity of phone numbers that you would need is dependent on what you want to measure. If you need to track calls from all your organic sources, you may assign a single phone number. If you are trying to validate specific web page effectiveness, we would advise assigning 1:1 (meaning 1 organic channel phone number to 1 page URL). Please ask your AvidTrak Support specialist to advise you on the best course of action.

Can I get Keyword data from organic traffic calls?

No, unfortunately keyword data are not available for organic traffic.

What kind of data would I be able to obtain for organic traffic calls?

The data that we capture consists of:

Source of Organic Visit
Entry page and called from page (if different than entry page.)
Time spent on the page before a call was made.
Visitor location (using IP match)
Caller ID, Name, call date, time, duration, and recording.

Is there an extra charge or fee to integrate AvidTrak Call Data into 3rd party CRM, Ad Management Platforms or Analytics Packages?

There are no extra charges for integrating AvidTrak Call Data into third party CRM, Ad Management Platforms or Analytics Packages.

Can I customize the triggers when a phone call is reported as a conversion into an ad management platform or CRM?

Yes, we allow for custom triggers to be implemented so that calls may be filtered to your specification before it is reported as a conversion into an ad management platform.

Do you offer phone call conversation transcription services?

Yes, every phone call can be setup for post call transcription and word flagging. You can also setup rules for ease in filtering out specific additional categorization calls that meet your specifications.

What do I need to do to implement Dynamic Number Insertion and Ad Tracking for my Organic Traffic?

To implement Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) on your web pages, you would need to assign a phone number to a particular channel such as Google Organic or Bing, and target that tracking number to swap a single or multiple numbers on your web pages. Next you would need to add AvidTrak’s JavaScript to all your pages where you need DNI. Lastly test using a web browser in Incognito or Private mode to ensure that you are seeing DNI of the assigned phone number. If you have any issues, please feel free to contact AvidTrak’s Support Team for assistance.

What if I have different phone numbers on my web pages related to Sales, Service and Billing and I only want to track calls to my Sales teams? Will AvidTrak work in such a use-case?

Yes, AvidTrak will work in the scenario that has been described. To target only the replacement of the Sales phone number, you would need to enter the sales phone number digits in the number setup screen and AvidTrak would do the rest.

Can I setup my Organic Traffic calls to forward those calls to different phone numbers? Are there any extra costs associated with using this feature?

AvidTrak allows you to forward and connect calls to different phone numbers. There are no extra costs associated with using this feature.

How many months of data are available in AvidTrak?

We store a total of 24 months of data in AvidTrak.

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The number of sms that a supervisor can send or receive. Overage charges are applicable only after the respective volume has been exceeded for the period.

Call Recording Minutes

Call Recording Minutes:

The number of minutes for which call recording will be available if recording will be set to on for the phone number.

CNAME Lookup Calls

CNAME Lookup Calls:

Number of calls for which caller name will be fetched (if enabled).

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