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In the rapidly evolving hospitality industry, capturing leads efficiently and promptly is key to stay ahead of the competition. This becomes even more crucial when your potential clients are often in urgent need of accommodation. With AvidTrak’s robust call tracking and lead maximizer product, your business can revolutionize lead generation and conversion, ensuring no lead gets wasted, and every potential customer is catered to, swiftly and effectively. Our product seamlessly integrates with popular CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho, enabling you to efficiently report revenue and align your marketing expenses directly with your CRM of choice.

Turn Prospects into Clients with Advanced Call Routing

Our state-of-the-art system has advanced call routing features ensuring that no call goes unanswered. Our system guarantees immediate response to leads, crucial for last-minute accommodation seekers. The powerful routing capability also caters to after-hours and holidays, routing calls to available attendants for prompt service.

Additionally, our advanced call routing uses the caller’s zip code to find the closest facility, connecting potential guests to the nearest hotel/motel or serviced apartment provider, ensuring efficient service, and enhancing customer satisfaction. If a potential client enters a zip code that is not covered, our system notifies your marketing team immediately, aiding in strategic planning for geographical expansion.

ROBO Call Blocking for Uninterrupted Productivity

In today’s digital landscape, businesses face a constant barrage of nuisance SPAM and ROBO calls. These unwanted communications can be disruptive, hindering the productivity of your team and potentially impacting customer service. AvidTrak understands the importance of keeping your business operations smooth and uninterrupted.

That’s why we have built a robust ROBO and Spam Call Blocking feature into our call tracking and lead maximizer product. This feature, included at no extra cost, serves as your first line of defense against these unwanted calls. With the deployment of AvidTrak’s Spam and ROBO Call Blocking feature, your business can save hundreds of hours each month. By preventing these disruptive calls from reaching your team, we enable your staff to focus on what truly matters – attending to genuine customer calls, catering to their needs, and converting potential leads into loyal customers.

So, experience the power of uninterrupted productivity with AvidTrak and let our robust ROBO Call Blocking feature shield your business from the unwanted noise. No distractions, just business as it should be.


Maximize your Ad Spend with Comprehensive Analytics

Our call tracking and lead maximizer product aids lead generators in determining the effectiveness of their local ad spend. Our platform enables marketers to identify which keywords, ads, landing pages, and ad placements generate the most profitable calls, providing a competitive edge in the saturated hospitality industry.

Our system reports phone call conversions directly into Google Ads, Bing Ad Center, Google Analytics, and Google Data Studio. With this direct reporting, marketers can effectively strategize on cost per acquisition, enabling predictable and efficient allocation of marketing resources.

Insightful Reports for Strategic Decisions

Our product provides comprehensive reports ranging from hourly to yearly, available on demand or on a scheduled basis. The 24-month data storage allows you to create trend reports for week over week, month over month, and year over year, thereby aiding in assessing the operational efficiency of your marketing campaigns and the conversion rates of leads.


Leverage AI for Tailored Ads and Improved Conversions

Our product utilizes cutting-edge AI and natural language processing to identify specific spoken keywords that signal a purchase intent. This insight can be used to follow up on leads and to tailor ads and website assets. Our AI can also help your telephone agents use specific language that improves the rate of sales closures.

AvidTrak’s Free Trial and Unmatched Support

To give you a firsthand experience of our product’s effectiveness, we offer a no-obligation free trial. We also provide full onboarding support at no extra cost, ensuring you get the most out of our product right from the start. Our exceptional product support, which does not come with hidden costs like our competitors, is always at your disposal.


Maximize your ROI on ad spend, ensure no lead gets wasted, and improve your lead conversion rate with AvidTrak’s call tracking and lead maximizer product. Boost your marketing efforts and foster the growth of your hospitality business with our advanced and seamless solution. Discover the AvidTrak difference today!

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