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Streamlined Lead Management for HVAC and Plumbing Businesses

In the high-stakes world of HVAC and Plumbing services, leads are everything. Whether you’re a small business or a large national franchise, capturing those leads is a vital part of your strategy. AvidTrak, a specialized SaaS Call Tracking and lead maximizer Product, offers an optimized way for digital marketers and demand generators to not only attract these leads but also manage them effectively across different locations in USA and Canada.

Never Miss a Lead with AvidTrak!

Imagine, as an HVAC and Plumbing business owner, you’re in the midst of a complex task. Your hands are full, the clock is ticking, and the current job is a significant revenue opportunity. But then, your phone rings. It’s a potential lead, a customer in need who could be a great addition to your client base. But how can you handle this situation without risking the revenue at hand or losing the potential customer?

The solution is simple – ‘Never Miss a Lead!’ by AvidTrak. We understand that as a business owner, your time is precious and balancing between immediate revenue creation and securing future opportunities can be a challenging task. This is why we’ve developed an advanced solution that ensures you’ll never miss another valuable lead, no matter how busy you are.

Our ‘Never Miss a Lead!’ solution leverages an advanced call routing system that records all incoming calls, capturing essential lead information for future reference. Once you’ve finished your immediate tasks and are ready to follow up, you can access the recorded call at your convenience, ensuring that the potential lead is not lost.

Even better, the ‘Never Miss a Lead!’ solution offers multiple opportunities for you to connect with the potential client. Perhaps you can call them back when you’ve completed your current task, or maybe you prefer to send an SMS to schedule a conversation at a later, more convenient time. Whatever your preferred method, our system is flexible enough to accommodate your needs and ensures that you have every chance to turn that potential lead into a loyal client.

Balancing today’s revenue creation with tomorrow’s opportunities doesn’t have to be a challenge anymore. With AvidTrak’s ‘Never Miss a Lead!’ solution, you can confidently focus on the task at hand, secure in the knowledge that you’re not missing out on any valuable leads. Elevate your HVAC and Plumbing business to new heights with AvidTrak – the key to unlocking a future filled with unlimited potential and continual growth.

Intelligent Call Routing & Advanced Features

When a plumbing or HVAC crisis strikes, homeowners need immediate assistance. AvidTrak understands the importance of immediate response and ensures no leads are lost. It accomplishes this through its advanced call routing features. Calls can be accurately routed not only during business hours but also during after-hours and holidays. This system intelligently uses a caller’s entered zip code to connect them with the nearest and best-suited HVAC and Plumbing service provider. If a zip code isn’t currently serviced, the corporate marketing team is promptly notified, providing invaluable data for potential service expansion.

plumbing supplyROBO Call Blocking

For small businesses, time is money. Nuisance SPAM and ROBO calls can cost your team hundreds of productive hours each month. AvidTrak’s standard service includes a robust ROBO and Spam Call blocking feature, providing an efficient first line of defense and boosting team productivity.

Analytics and Insights

AvidTrak is not just about managing calls; it’s about understanding your business better. By integrating with platforms such as Google Ads, Bing Ad Center, Google Analytics, and Google Data Studio, AvidTrak provides key insights into the effectiveness of your local ad spends. It pinpoints which keywords, ads, landing pages, and ad placements are generating the most profitable calls, enabling more efficient use of marketing dollars.

hvac repairComprehensive Lead Reporting

AvidTrak’s robust reporting can provide a comprehensive picture of your leads – the referring source (e.g., Google/Bing Search, Organic, Social Media, etc.), ad campaign, keyword, caller location, date and time of call, call duration, call recording, and even IP address of web visitors. Furthermore, the system can generate scheduled or on-demand reports, with data storage for up to 24-months, allowing for year-over-year trend analysis to gauge marketing campaign effectiveness and lead conversion rates.

Leveraging AI for Lead Conversion

Using cutting-edge natural language processing AI, AvidTrak can identify spoken keywords that signal purchase intent, enabling marketers to refine their approach and language for higher lead conversion rates. With sufficient historical data, the system can also identify the best keywords for closing sales, providing invaluable intelligence for your sales team.

Seamless CRM Integration & Exceptional Support

AvidTrak seamlessly integrates with popular CRM systems such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho, enabling users to tieback marketing spend directly into their CRM of choice. Moreover, AvidTrak is proud of its exceptional product support. Unlike competitors, AvidTrak does not charge extra for support services, ensuring that users can get the most out of the system.

Proven Track Record & Competitive Pricing

With over a decade of industry experience and thousands of satisfied clients, AvidTrak offers unparalleled expertise in call tracking and lead management for the HVAC and Plumbing industry. Our pricing is the lowest in the industry, providing all the advanced features of competitors, but at half the price.

To experience the power of AvidTrak firsthand, we offer a no-obligation free trial and full onboarding support at no extra cost. Join the ranks of thousands of HVAC and Plumbing businesses that use AvidTrak daily to improve their ROI on ad spend.

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