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Transforming Local Pest Control Services with Advanced Call Routing

AvidTrak is proud to offer an innovative solution designed to supercharge the efficiency and reach of your pest control business. The ever-intense competition among local businesses in the pest control industry necessitates an advanced, efficient call routing and tracking system that ensures no lead slips through the cracks. Understanding this demand, we have developed a unique product tailored to cater to the specific needs of pest control services, including rodent and raccoon removal, bat removal, mice removal, opossum removal, and termite protection services throughout the USA and Canada.

Our advanced call routing features allow businesses to route leads effectively not only during regular business hours but also during after-hours and holidays. With our system, you can direct calls to attendants who can promptly respond to customer queries and schedule appointments, thus capitalizing on every potential lead.

Our platform uses an intelligent zip code-based routing feature, ensuring every call is directed to the closest and most suitable service provider. In situations where a potential client enters a zip code not currently served by any pest control office, our system instantly notifies the corporate marketing team, enabling a swift response and potential business growth.

Boosting Productivity with Robust ROBO Call Blocking

AvidTrak’s integrated ROBO and Spam call blocking feature come standard with our service at no extra cost. This invaluable tool enhances productivity by preventing time-consuming spam and robocalls from disrupting your business operations. Trusted by thousands of small businesses, AvidTrak is the first line of defense against such nuisances, saving countless hours every month.

Maximizing Marketing Efficiency with Accurate Tracking

The call tracking and lead maximizer product equips your marketing team with accurate data to track the efficacy of local ad spend, identify profitable keywords, ad placements, and landing pages. It reports phone call conversions into popular demand generation platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ad Center, Google Analytics, and Google Data Studio. This level of insight allows marketers to bid accurately for cost per acquisition, optimizing your marketing budget for maximum returns.

Our product also allows users to pinpoint the referring source of a lead, track caller’s location, call duration, and provide call recording, among other features. This comprehensive lead picture helps your team respond effectively to ensure leads are promptly converted into new client bookings.

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 Comprehensive Reporting and AI-Driven Analysis

AvidTrak’s user-friendly interface allows for customizable reporting on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis, offering trend analysis with data stored for up to 24 months. This enables businesses to gauge their operational efficiency and determine ROI trends effectively.

Moreover, our system leverages natural language processing AI to identify spoken keywords that signal an intent to purchase. This sophisticated feature lets our system transcribe calls, hunt for specific keywords, and alert the user for an immediate follow-up, maximizing the chances of lead conversion. Our system’s intelligence can even identify the best keywords for closing a sale based on past data and sales conversations.

Seamless CRM Integration and Exceptional Support

Our software system integrates effortlessly with popular CRM platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho, making it easier to report revenue and directly tie back marketing spend into your CRM of choice.

We understand the importance of robust support in maximizing the effectiveness of our product. Therefore, we offer a no-obligation free trial and full onboarding support at no extra cost. We’re committed to providing unparalleled product support, distinguishing ourselves from competitors who often add extra fees for support services.

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Proven Track Record and Unbeatable Pricing

With over ten years of experience in the industry, we’ve successfully served thousands of clients who use our product daily. Our competitive edge lies in our feature-rich services offered at the lowest prices in the industry. We proudly match every feature that our competitors offer, but at half the price.

AvidTrak is committed to bringing you innovative, cost-effective solutions that optimize your operations, enhance productivity, and improve your ROI on ad spend. We invite you to experience the AvidTrak difference today.

Over 1000 clients switched to AvidTrak for our competitive pricing and support, remaining loyal ever since.

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Call Recording Minutes:

The number of minutes for which call recording will be available if recording will be set to on for the phone number.

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CNAME Lookup Calls:

Number of calls for which caller name will be fetched (if enabled).

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