Call Tracking Platform Integrations

Report Calls into Google Adwords, Universal Analytics, DoubleClick For Advertisers (DFA), Salesforce, Marin Software & Adobe SiteCatalyst!

AvidTrak reports Phone Call Conversions

AvidTrak reports Phone Call Conversions into

  • Google Adwords
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Universal Analytics
  • Google DFA
  • Salesforce
  • Marin Software
  • Adobe SiteCatalyst (Omniture)
Google Analytics and Adwords Integration FAQ

Utilize AvidTrak Integration with Wordpress

Wordpress Integration

Utilize AvidTrak Integration with Wordpress to dynamically insert call tracking numbers into your Wordpress enabled website

Wordpress Integration

Import and merge your Google Adwords data into AvidTrak

Import Google Adwords Account Data into AvidTrak

Import Google Adwords Account Data into AvidTrak

Import and merge your Google Adwords data into AvidTrak to learn the cost difference between Online Conversions and Phone Call Conversions at a Keyword Level!

Learn more about the benefits of Importing Your Adwords Data into your AvidTrak Account

Importing Adwords Data FAQ

Dynamic Number Insertion Call Tracking for your WIX Enabled Website is available on AvidTrak. Track Calls Back to Paid Search and Social Media Campaigns. Use Keyword Data to Optimize Your Paid Search Bids.

Import Google Adwords Account Data into AvidTrak

WIX Website Dynamic Number Insertion Call Tracking

Use Dynamic Number Insertion on your WIX enabled website to perform Call Tracking

Track Phone Calls back to the Marketing Channel that delivered you the Phone Lead

Use Call Recording to Train and Improve performance of your Sales and Support teams

Use Advanced Call Routing to Never Miss a Phone Lead

Block Nuisance Spam Callers

WIX Integration FAQ

FAQ about Google Adwords and Google Analytics Integrations

How does AvidTrak report Phone Call Conversions into Google Adwords?


We offer two ways: you may import your offline conversions into Adwords or you may setup your Adwords account to import your Goals into your Adwords account

What is the advantage of importing Adwords data into AvidTrak?


AvidTrak’s User Interface separates out Phone Call Conversions and Online conversions at a keyword level. This allows an Advertiser to see the cost difference at a keyword level. For example an Advertiser may learn that Keyword “A�? costs $40 for an Online conversion but the same keyword generates a phone call lead at a cost of $35.

Does AvidTrak Support the older version of Google Analytics?


Yes! We continue to support older versions of Google Analytics although we do encourage our Users to upgrade to Universal Analytics to take advantage of the powerful reporting features of UA.

FAQ about WIX Enabled Website Dynamic Insertion Phone Call Tracking

What is Dynamic Number Insertion? What is required to implement it?


Changing and displaying a different phone number to a web visitor based upon meeting specific criteria of the visitor’s click is called dynamic number insertion. A snippet of JavaScript code placed on your WIX Enabled website is needed to achieve dynamic phone number insertion

Can I track calls from my Adwords and Bing Paid Search Marketing Campaigns?


Yes, you may track calls from paid traffic emanating from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp and thousands of other sources of leads.

Can I get a Free Trial of the Call Tracking Product to test out Dynamic Number Insertion?


Yes, absolutely. We want you to try out for free Dynamic Number Insertion Call Tracking to realize the benefits of the technology and how it allows you to optimize your campaign spend.

Do you offer Product Support to help with implementing Dynamic Number Insertion on my WIX Enabled Site?


Yes, absolutely. We offer full support and can implement the JavaScript code for you on your WIX Enabled Site in case you do not have resources to do this yourself.

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