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Connect calls and leads tracking data
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AvidTrak reports call tracking
data into your platforms:

customer relationship management software


Google Ads
Microsoft Advertising
Google Marketing Platform

google analytics


Google Analytics 4
Google Looker Studio

advertising by google

Customer Relationship Management


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Advertisement Platforms

Google Ads – Google Marketing Platform – Microsoft Ads

Advertisement Platforms

Optimize Ad Spend

Allocate budget strategically to high-return channels and refine ad strategies based on call impact on keyword performance.

Custom reporting signals

Customize reporting signals into marketing platforms, filtering for spoken keywords, caller engagement or call duration.

Efficient Bid Management

Report calls as conversions in demand gen platforms for better bid management with automated cost-per-acquisition rules.

Attribute modeling

Gain a clearer picture of how calls contribute to conversions, refining attribution models for more accurate analysis.

Analytics Platforms

Google Analytics GA4 – Google Looker Studio


Comprehensive Reporting

Report both online and offline calls, providing a holistic view of customer interactions for informed decision-making.

Advanced Data Segmentation

Segment data by call type and website activity, offering a nuanced understanding of customer behavior for targeted marketing strategies.

Revenue-Driven Insights

Overlay call conversions with various customer engagements to identify high-revenue communication forms, optimizing revenue generation.

Customized Reporting Solutions

Leverage unique dashboards or work with AvidTrak Support to create tailored reports, ensuring flexibility in reporting to meet business goals.

CRM Platforms

Hubspot – Zoho – Salesforce

CRM Platforms

Closed-Loop Reporting

Achieve closed-loop reporting by tying back revenue to marketing spend, gaining a holistic understanding of campaign effectiveness.

Automated Targeting and CPA

Connect your CRM to marketing platforms for automation of targeting and cost-per-acquisition strategies, streamlining your strategies.

Custom Integration with RESTful API

Use AvidTrak’s RESTful API to report call conversions into your proprietary dashboards and CRM, precisely tailored to your needs.

Efficient Data Flow

Transforming raw data into actionable insights for streamlined processes and informed decision-making, updated in real-time.

From Leads to Conversions:

A streamlined journey with Integration

Track Marketing


Identify the most effective campaigns driving conversions.

Incorporate tracking phone numbers across your demand generation platforms, whether online or in print media.



Tracking numbers collect data from calls, text messages, emails and forms.

  • Name
  • Location (zip code)
  • Marketing source
  • Call timing & duration
  • Flagged keywords

and more


Maximize the utility of data collected.

Integrate data with your Ads, analytics and CRM platforms.

Add value to your existing marketing ecosystem.



Establish a dynamic feedback loop between your data and marketing strategies.

  • Boost return on investment
  • Identify campaigns attracting qualified leads
  • Reach target audiences

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How does AvidTrak report Phone Call Conversions into Google Adwords?

We offer two ways: you may import your offline conversions into Adwords or you may setup your Adwords account to import your Goals into your Adwords account

What is the advantage of importing Adwords data into AvidTrak?

AvidTrak’s User Interface separates out Phone Call Conversions and Online conversions at a keyword level. This allows an Advertiser to see the cost difference at a keyword level. For example an Advertiser may learn that Keyword “ABC” costs $40 for an Online conversion but the same keyword generates a phone call lead at a cost of $35.

Does AvidTrak Support the older version of Google Analytics?

The records are maintained in your accounts as long as your account remains active in AvidTrak. If for any reason you decide to close your AvidTrak account please download your data in CSV format.

What is Dynamic Number Insertion? What is required to implement it?

Changing and displaying a different phone number to a web visitor based upon meeting specific criteria of the visitor’s click is called dynamic number insertion. A snippet of JavaScript code placed on your WIX Enabled website is needed to achieve dynamic phone number insertion

Can I track calls from my Adwords and Bing Paid Search Marketing Campaigns?

Yes, you may track calls from paid traffic emanating from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp and thousands of other sources of leads.

Can I get a Free Trial of the Call Tracking Product to test out Dynamic Number Insertion?

Yes, absolutely. We want you to try out for free Dynamic Number Insertion Call Tracking to realize the benefits of the technology and how it allows you to optimize your campaign spend.

Do you offer Product Support to help with implementing Dynamic Number Insertion on my WIX Enabled Site?

Yes, absolutely. We offer full support and can implement the JavaScript code for you on your WIX Enabled Site in case you do not have resources to do this yourself.

Are there extra charges associated with integrating AvidTrak call data with other platforms?

Unlike other call tracking companies in the space, AvidTrak does not charge any extra fee to provide integration with third party platforms.

If I integrate call data with GA-4 and Google Ads, will my conversion reporting be impacted?

If you do not import call conversions from GA-4 into Google Ads, your data reporting will not be impacted.

What kind of event signals triggers do you offer in reporting conversions into the platforms?

For Google Ads, Bing Ad Center, and CRM such as Salesforce you can use either call conversion duration or use filtered lists of only new callers. You can also deploy keyword flag filters to segment conversions further in your reporting platforms. Please discuss your specific needs with your platform support specialist.

Do you offer an API for data import?

Yes, AvidTrak API allows the import of a broad range of data that our clients use to create proprietary dashboards in their custom reporting platforms. Speak with your platform support specialist to see how you can benefit with AvidTrak’s API.



Includes: Volume


The specified 30-day quantity of local phone numbers in each package. Overage charges are applicable only after the respective volume has been exceeded for the period.



The specified 30-day volume of talk time minutes in each local package. Overage charges are applicable only after the respective volume has been exceeded for the period.



The number of sms that a supervisor can send or receive. Overage charges are applicable only after the respective volume has been exceeded for the period.

Call Recording Minutes

Call Recording Minutes:

The number of minutes for which call recording will be available if recording will be set to on for the phone number.

CNAME Lookup Calls

CNAME Lookup Calls:

Number of calls for which caller name will be fetched (if enabled).

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Includes: Volume
Numbers 10
Minutes 1500
SMS 300
Call Recording Minutes 1500
CNAME Lookup Calls 100
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Includes: Volume
Numbers 30
Minutes 2500
SMS 1000
Call Recording Minutes 2500
CNAME Lookup Calls 300
Client Accounts 1000
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Note: Overage charges will be applied after package offer fully used for each functionality until next renewal.


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