How call recordings can help your business

Do you want to improve service standards for your business? If yes, here’s how you can use call recordings to achieve outstanding service quality.

  1. Evaluation: You have a gut feel about which of your staff members are truly interested in providing superior client service. You are also able to guess which member is not up to the challenge. However, when it comes to a formal evaluation, you need more than just your gut feelings and guesswork. Call recordings provide a concrete measure and tangible proof of how your team treats your customers.
  2. Training: A well trained staff is a critical ingredient in your recipe for businesses success. Playing back recorded calls is an excellent yet often overlooked way to train your staff in-house. What better case study for an employee than an actual call that he took? These trainings should always include a brainstorming session on how to handle problem customers.
  3. Transcriptions : Recordings can have transcription enabled and these in turn can be used for detailed statistical analysis of keywords – both good and bad.
  4. Greetings : This is of course an entirely different kind of use but I thought I’d add this in as well. A recorded greeting can be set up for clients who call on holidays or after working hours.
  5. The real return from call recordings could surprise you. You were expecting to enhance service standards and you may stumble over a user driven product innovation that turns your business around!

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