Maximizing Sales through Intelligent Call Routing
Your customers use digital media channels to find out about products and services that you offer, but your customers also want to talk to someone in your company before they make a final purchase decision.. You do not want to lose a potential sale that you have gotten through intense marketing simply because the caller experience was unsatisfactory. Long waiting times or inappropriate call handling are sins in the world of call to sale conversion. To address these potential issues you need a robust caller handling system that optimizes caller conversion rates.

So what do you do? Use AvidTrak’s call tracking with advanced call routing functions. For example, you may use AvidTrak’s Round-Robin call routing feature to route calls to the next available agent or you may use our Simultaneous Call feature that allows you to forward a call simultaneously to multiple agents.

The AvidTrak advanced call routing system also allows you to match the caller location with that of the call attendant. This feature allows your customer to experience a native environment where he/she gets to talk to someone in the same area and time zone.

Additionally, AvidTrak also allows you to greet your caller with a recording so that you may highlight your product’s distinguishing feature while your caller waits to be attended.

To help your clients reach you during off-hours and public holidays, calls may be routed to another number of your choice such as your mobile phone.

AvidTrak offers many different combinations of intelligent call routing . If you have a particular call routing need that is not covered in this post, talk to us. We are confident that we can tailor a solution that fits your need.

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