Creating ads that sell

A key characteristic of a digital buyer is a short attention span. This lack of attention means that if the first three words in your ad don’t get the buyer’s attention, your message is lost or worse, blocked as spam. So what should you do? Segment your audience and adjust your ads accordingly. For example, if you are advertising on Facebook groups then consider differentiating your message according to location, age, income etc. This may sound like a lot of work but it is well worth the effort.

As a small business owner it is extremely important to target your ads intelligently. You have to be super careful about the words in your ads. One technique to capture your buyer’s attention is to listen to call recordings and learn to speak the buyer’s language. Know what appeals to his tastes and what does not. For example, if you are a restaurant owner and find out through call recordings that your buyer is price sensitive then your ad should begin with the word “sale” or “discount.” On the other hand if quality or speed is more important to the buyer than you should adjust your ad accordingly.

So by carefully listening to your customers you will be able to tailor make your ad to suit your target market. Using call recording as a means to learn about your customer’s needs and measuring the success of your ad campaign and keywords, will allow you to create ads that sell.

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