What does it take to make the most of your mobile marketing campaigns? How do you measure and correlate conversions to phone calls?

The chart below captures the amount of time an Adult User spends per day on Digital Media. As you can see between 2008 and 2015, an 11% year over year (YOY) growth was experienced in the time spent on Digital Media across Mobile, Desktop and Other devices.

While an 11% growth may not be an exciting metric, what is remarkable, however, is that the growth in Mobile access of Digital Media for the period 2008 to 2015 is 833%


To capitalize on this phenomenal growth in mobile usage, Marketers need to tailor their websites, advertisements and content to ensure Mobile User Engagement. What’s more Mobile Driven websites need to simplify and encourage interaction between the site owner and the mobile site visitor. Whether it is collection of an email address or an easy to spot click-to-call, Call Now button, a Mobile site is a valuable tool for lead generation.

Mobile Advertising: Google Call Only Campaigns

Imagine a scenario where you are locked out of your home in freezing rain. You desperately need to get a locksmith to get into your home. You pull out your mobile device and type in “locksmiths near me” into Google. The first ad that you see on your mobile phone is a Mobile Call Only Ad:

Ace Locksmiths
Bonded and Insured.
Fast Service Call 888-555-1212

Followed by the another search ad that reads

Best Lock Repair
Fast and Courteous Service
Free Estimates. Money Back Guarantee

In the desperate situation that you are in currently, are you more likely to immediately click on the phone number appearing on Ace Locksmiths’ ad to get help or would you consider clicking on Best Lock Repair’s ad, wait for the website to load on your mobile device, search for a number on the website and then call to get service?

If you are like most individuals you likely clicked to Call Ace Locksmiths for emergency assistance. On your click the Keyword, Ad Group, Campaign name and Ad information are captured by Google and reported into the Adwords account information for Ace Locksmith. Because, a call tracking platform such as AvidTrak integrates with Adwords via the Adwords API, an Adwords Advertiser such Ace Locksmiths can view in their AvidTrak User Interface:

  • Keyword
  • Ad Impressions
  • Ad Group
  • Campaign name
  • Ad ID
  • Caller ID
  • Call Duration
  • Call Time
  • Call Recording
  • Cost Per Call

Tracking Calls from Organic Search

If you have created a Mobile Only website you should hard code a separate call tracking that is specific to your Mobile Site. You should also incorporate this call tracking number in your web page’s description to allow search engines to gather information and publish this information in a mobile user’s organic search results.

Use Analytics to Derive Engagement

To effectively tailor content to suit your audience use web analytics to understand audience behavior on your page. How long they spend on a page and where they enter and exit your site. If a conversion such as a phone call happens learn which page(s) were involved in creating the phone lead. AvidTrak Call Tracking Platform integration with Google Analytics allows you to report phone call leads into the Analytics platform.


Measure Conversions Not Just Phone Leads

While your mobile site may be effective in creating leads, and your mobile marketing campaigns may be generating many phone leads, allocating an increasing amount towards marketing spend would require you to measure conversions against your leads. You may enter conversion value directly into your AvidTrak account or if you are User of Salesforce you can tie back Keywords, Ads and Campaigns back to each client and resulting conversion. To connect your Campaigns to Phone Leads and resulting sale captured in Salesforce use AvidTrak’s Integration with Salesforce


  • Mobile Usage as experienced tremendous growth over the past eight years and mobile content and advertising platforms are taking away market share from desktop advertising.
  • Mobile Advertising platforms such as Adwords and Facebook make targeted advertising for mobile users achievable.
  • To ensure that User Experience of visitors to a mobile site is positive use web analytics to measure engagement and improve site content based on the data obtained via analytics.
  • Use Click to Call Numbers with tracking on your mobile site to allow mobile users a quick way to contact you.
  • Implement Call Only campaigns to garner leads from Mobile Users.
  • Institute a Call tracking number on your mobile site to track Organic Leads
  • Capture your leads in Salesforce to tie back conversions to phone leads.


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