Intelligence Driven Smart Call Routing

My earlier post discussed how businesses could use different rules within the AvidTrak inbound phone call routing system such that a phone lead would never be missed. Today, I would like to discuss how call routing rules could be setup with AvidTrak based upon intelligence gathered from location of the clicks and/or location of the caller to improve caller experience and as a consequence improve the chance of a lead conversion.

To illustrate my point, let’s take an example wherein an AvidTrak Client such as a Vehicle Extended Warranty Services company rolls out a national search marketing campaign. The Advertiser’s Google Analytics data indicates that click volumes are heaviest between 4:00 and 7:00 PM in the evening. To ensure that inbound callers are not kept waiting in call queues for more than a minute the Advertiser has setup call center agents to cover the Pacific + Mountain Region named Region “A” and Central + Eastern region of the country named Region “B.”

Using AvidTrak’s Geographical Call Routing setup scheme, the Advertiser enters a respective Caller’s area codes that cover Region A and Region B. For example, Callers from 215 and 212 area codes get routed to Region B call center whereas callers from 213 and 503 area code get routed to Region A call center.

The Advertiser could also elect to use keyword data to route calls to sales specialists based on the keyword selected for search. For example, the Advertiser could select keywords such as “Land Rover Extended Warranty” to sell warranties via a sales specialist who is well versed with the Land Rover vehicle platform and is able to knowledgably answer questions from prospective clients on the types of typical repairs that would be covered and associated cost savings in carrying a warranty versus not.

AvidTrak Users may also use a visitor’s IP to dynamically insert a call tracking number on a page. In such a scheme a pool of IPs may be associated with a pool of tracking number area codes. Based upon the visitor’s click IP, a dynamic number associated with the IP is inserted into the page. The dynamic number’s call routing may be setup to deliver the call to a local sales associate or to a National Call Center. Of course if an Advertiser does not need IP based Dynamic Number Insertion and only needs the call to be routed based on the IP value, the latter scheme is also available within AvidTrak.


By gathering actionable intelligence on a caller before a call is made, an Advertiser using AvidTrak is able to use that data to improve the chances of a sale by routing the phone call smartly such that the chances of a phone lead converting to sale are increased.


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