Power your Adwords Call Only Campaigns with AvidTrak Call Tracking

If competition on Google’s Desktop Paid Search Campaigns has been brutal for you with respect to increasing your cost per click and cost per lead, now would be the time for you to consider diverting some of your Desktop Ad Spend towards Google’s Call Only Mobile Campaigns.

Our proprietary data suggests that in some healthcare and legal verticals where Cost per Click cost has trended higher every year, Google Mobile Campaigns have rendered for our clients higher engagement and lead closure rates than desktop campaigns. Lower competition among Mobile Advertisers has allowed for lowered keywords cost and as a result Mobile Call Only campaigns are likely to yield a higher ROI than desktop campaigns. This phenomenon is evident in the addiction recovery vertical where keywords such as alcohol addiction may have chances of a higher performance rate in Mobile Call Only campaigns than desktop search marketing.

For new users of Call Only Campaigns we recommend our clients setup a new Call Only Campaign using only ten to fifteen keywords. Selection of the Call Only Campaign keywords is based on historical data of clicks garnered per keyword and respective costs associated with the clicks. A 90-day historical analysis of your desktop campaign should allow you to filter out the keywords that have not only the highest chances of being searched but also getting clicked by a mobile user to connect a call with you. Follow best practices while setting up your Mobile Call Only Campaigns: create a separate ad group for each keyword. Build compelling Call to Action ads (and ad variations) that are tightly aligned with the keyword.

If you are an existing client of AvidTrak you may setup a Call Only Campaign within your account. Alternatively, new (and old) Users may setup a new call tracking account to test out and validate the performance of their Call Only Campaigns. While Google offers call tracking numbers that connect to your office, using AvidTrak call tracking numbers (instead of Google’s tracking numbers) offers you the advantage of a richer degree of reporting, call recording and routing, 3rd party platform integrations, phone number retention and number portability. The last two attributes of number retention and number portability cannot be emphasized enough as we have seen that leads can continue to flow to our clients even after termination of their Ad Campaigns.

The AvidTrak Call Only Tracking Platform uses the Adwords API to integrate an advertiser’s Adwords Call Only Campaign data with inbound call data related to the AvidTrak call tracking numbers. The Adwords API integration allows an advertiser to gather a rich set of data of impressions, cost per call, cost per click, Ad performance and of course Campaign and Ad Group performance. Using these data, an Advertiser may optimize her Keyword specific, Adwords budget. To close the gap between revenue realized, leads generated and marketing spend, every call, campaign, keyword value and call recording may be pushed into Salesforce (using AvidTrak-Salesforce integration) to measure actual lead closure rates against marketing spend.

Google Adwords has built a powerful tool to leverage the mobile advertising marketing place. Complimenting the Adwords Mobile Call Only Campaign tool set is AvidTrak Mobile Call Only Call Tracking. Getting started with Adwords Mobile Call Only Campaigns is easy and takes only a few minutes and tracking and reporting on the calls from Call Only Campaigns is equally easy with AvidTrak.


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