Very often we get asked the question from new call tracking users, “How many phone numbers do I need to use to track my Adwords Campaigns at a Keyword level? Do I need to get as many tracking phone numbers as the quantity of keywords in my account?” The simple answer rendered by most call tracking providers of Dynamic Number Insertion is to recommend a user to deploy as many tracking phone numbers as the quantity of hourly visitors to a website. So for example if a particular website receives 20 clicks per day via Adwords, then the recommendation offered is to use 20 tracking numbers.

The above approach of using as many tracking numbers as hourly visitors has a drawback in that it assumes that all keywords are equally valuable and that all keywords work in the same way in creating a phone call lead. AvidTrak’s experience in managing call tracking spread over thousands of clients and millions of keywords suggests that in competitive verticals such as Law, Healthcare and Telecom that keyword performance varies greatly and that typically a handful of high value keywords tend to do nearly all the heavy lifting of delivering leads.

AvidTrak recommends to its clients that they perform a keyword performance audit spanning the past three months. We advise our clients to target the top ten or fifteen keywords that garnered the most of amount of clicks and choose those top ten or fifteen keywords that were responsible for at least seventy five percent of click costs. Selecting (for validation and optimization) the keywords that cost the most of money allows a PPC Marketer to pick the proverbial low hanging fruit in keyword optimization.

Setting up and assigning a unique call tracking phone number to each keyword in a select (high value) group of keywords would not preclude an AvidTrak User from assigning a pool of call tracking numbers to be used in tracking the remaining long tail keywords. We help the AvidTrak User in implementing a tactic that assigns in a 1:1 framework, one number dedicated to track one high value keyword and a pool of rotating numbers dedicated towards tracking the long tail keywords. Number purchase and assignment via AvidTrak’s Number Setup Interface is easy. An AvidTrak User simply chooses a phone number, selects a marketing channel that applies to the tracking number and then he may (or not) assign a specific keyword that would be applied towards that tracking number.

The above described keyword 1:1 approach has been in use at AvidTrak for the past five years and as a result of its success we were asked by an existing Client if she could get the same functionality but for her Display Advertisement Campaigns. We said “Yes, absolutely!” and about three years ago we released a 1:1 tracking mechanism of Display Advertisements. In my next post I will share how Display Advertisers can use AvidTrak URL Tracking to track their high value Display Ads.

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