In my earlier post I shared my views on how Specific Keyword Targeted Call Tracking allowed for optimization in call tracking. I also recommended that targeting high value and high cost keywords for optimization (by way of tracking phone calls) allowed an opportunity to see significant improvements in ROI. In today’s post I would like to share the tactics that AvidTrak Users implement to optimize their Display Advertisement and Content Marketing Campaigns.

Display Advertising allows for branding as well as opportunities for retargeting after a person has become associated with a company’s brand. Two different tactics are available to measure the success of Display Advertising Campaign:

  • Measurement of Success of Call to Action on the Creative
  • Measurement of Success of Call to Action after a person has clicked through after seeing the Display Advertisement

Measuring the success of call to action on the creative is straight forward, and requires only a unique tracking number to be placed on each Display Creative. Incoming phone calls are matched to the Creative ID to render data on how well a particular creative performed in generating phone calls.

Measuring calls emanating from Display-Click-Through requires tagging such that it allows AvidTrak’s call tracking platform to Dynamically Insert a Number (on the Advertiser’s web page) that matches the pre-assigned tag. Using the click URL and information obtained from the Dynamically Inserted number, AvidTrak call tracking platform is able to pinpoint the Content Network, the Publisher and the Creative that created the click that led to the phone call. Achieving this level of granularity in phone call conversion tracking allows Display Advertisers to optimize Ad spend on specific Content Networks, Publishers and Creative.

Naturally, because not all Display Advertisers have large ad budgets and thus do not have enough clicks (and sample size) to justify an optimization strategy, AvidTrak recommends that smaller Display Advertisers measure either the performance of only the Content Network or measure the performance of a combination of the Content Network and Publisher. In both cases, AvidTrak’s specific tagging method allows for tracking calls at an aggregate level.

We have also been approached by Content Marketing Specialists who require data to validate their efforts. For example let’s say a Content Marketer runs a series of informational content pieces on an industry journal on behalf of her client. The Marketer links back the content piece to her client’s website. The solution that AvidTrak provides such Content Marketers is to render a call tracking on the client’s web page that is specific to the referring source where the content piece was published. The Content Marketer can choose to assign a Dynamically Inserted Number to either only the referring URL or a specific page within the referring URL. There are other elegant variations in this technique that we offer that we would be happy to share with you on a phone call.

In this post I hope that I have been able to share with the reader some of the common types of Display Advertising Optimization techniques that AvidTrak Users typically implement. There are of course many other specialized techniques that we have engineered for some clients that I have not covered in this post due to a need for brevity. If you have a unique call tracking application that you would like to share with us, please do not hesitate in contacting us because we feel confident that we can provide you with a solution.

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