Focus on the core and outsource all else

So you’ve set up your own business and are now on the path to expansion but feel overwhelmed on the way. What should you do? Try outsourcing activities that require specialized knowledge that you lack. For example if you own a retail outlet, then you need to focus your energy on engaging with your clientele, maintaining the quality of your product and improving customer satisfaction. Activities such as marketing that may not be your core strength can – and should! – be outsourced.

If the fear of losing control is holding you back from outsourcing, then start small. Consider activities such as Web designing, Search Engine Optimization, and Digital Marketing as business critical activities that lend themselves to management by outside professionals. Engage with your SEO and Digital Marketing vendor to learn how they measure success. Do they track only website visits or do they count the total number of leads delivered to your every month. If you value a live phone lead more than an inquiry form, advise the outside marketing person to combine digital marketing with call tracking. Use call tracking reports to learn exactly which marketing campaign is working. If you are heavily dependent on Pay Per Click Search Campaigns, learn which keywords are appealing most to your target audience. Because call tracking reports can be generated daily, weekly or monthly, you will be able to adjust your marketing dollars in real time.

If you want your business to grow, then focus your energies on core activities of building customer relationships and motivating your employees through the rough days. These core activities build long term value in your company in ways that pay off for many years. Lastly, exercise care in choosing your outsourcing partner. Make sure that the agency you choose knows how to deliver results and shares your corporate vision, philosophy and values.

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