write right

If you want spark in your writing, four tips that will never let you down are:

  1. Know yourself. For example, if you love Italian food and can wax poetic about the difference in the types of sauces available in Northern Italy versus Southern Italy, then chances are that whatever you write about Italian food would be engaging and interesting for your readers. To enhance your credibility, before you begin to write, fact-check your subject matter to ensure accuracy in what you represent. Credibility goes a long way in improving audience engagement.
  2. Know your target audience: Your writing style varies according to age group, location and cultural preferences of your audience. Use brevity with excess! Utilize genuine real life examples in your content to add the element of story telling in your narrative.
  3. Edit and Refresh: Revisiting your work after a short span of time allows you to cut out all the extra fat. Getting other people to read and comment on your work is also a great way to improve your original work.
  4. Practice: The more time you spend on any activity the better you get at it (and writing is no exception.) So get the pen (or the keyboard out) and start now.

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