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Use Call Tracking Reports to Enhance your Campaign Analytics

Improve the ROI on your Campaigns and Advertising spend by gathering Actionable Information via AvidTrak Call Tracking Reports

AvidTrak call tracking platform offers dozens of reports catering to the needs of the Digital Agency as well as the individual user. These reports may be served up on demand or setup to be served daily, weekly and monthly via email and/or FTP. Additionally, the reporting functions of the platform may also be availed via API. The reporting API allows SEM Bid Platforms such as Marin, IMPAQT and DART (Google) as well as proprietary reporting interfaces, to utilize AvidTrak’s data collection and call matching capabilities.

A question that is typically posed by our clients is which report is best suited for their business need? As no two businesses are exactly alike we provide herein descriptions and titles of popular reports used by our client base along with typical reasons for using a particular report.

AvidTrak allows its Users to gather actionable information via an array of Standard reports that are available within the Reports section. (See screenshot below). While the call tracking platform features many different off-the-shelf reports if you require a customized report that captures a particular set of data then please do not hesitate to let us know. We can build this report for you at no extra cost.

AvidTrak Standard Reports Selection Template

Here are the Most Popular Call Tracking Reports utilized by our clients

AvidTrak’s Call Logs report is by far the most popular report used by our client base. The call logs report captures a comprehensive list of data related to the caller’s visit and call. Here’s what this report captures and can report on for you:

  1. Keyword (i.e. the keyword you bid on)
  2. Link Source (if any)
  3. Raw Search Query
  4. Manifest of Web Pages that were related to the Call
  5. Campaign Name
  6. Ad Group
  7. Placement (Display Ads)
  8. Caller ID
  9. Duration of Call
  10. Call Tracking Number
  11. Visit Date and Time
  12. Call Date and Time
  13. Lapse Time between Visit and Call
  14. Characterization (Paid Vs Organic)
  15. Search Engine
  16. Call Recording
  17. Caller City
  18. Caller State
  19. UTM Source
  20. UTM Medium
  21. UTM Content
  22. Ad Position
  23. Keyword Match Type
  24. Landing Page
  25. Referral URL
  26. Device Type (Desktop Vs Mobile)
  27. Browser

We allow you to enable any of the above data columns and after creating your report you may download data Excel and create your customized pivot tables.

Why use this Report? If your sample size is very large and you enjoy getting really granular with data use the use the call logs data set to derive information on patterns related to your campaigns.

AvidTrak’s All Lite Calls report is the most popular report utilized by advertisers who use our Static numbers (AvidTrak Lite). This report delivers basic but vital information required to assess the efficacy of your marketing campaigns. By using All Lite Calls report an advertiser is rendered:

  1. Campaign Name
  2. Ad Group
  3. Call Tracking Number that was dialed
  4. Call Date
  5. Call Time
  6. Caller ID
  7. Call Duration
  8. Recording
  9. Caller City
  10. Caller State

The All Lite Calls report may be downloaded to Excel or one may set a schedule to receive a daily, weekly or monthly report to be emailed to an individual or group of individuals.

Use this report for its simplicity and elegance in reporting vital statistics on the health of your campaign.

Utilize the Keyword Report if all you really need is a complete manifest of all the keywords that created visits, phone calls and online conversions for you for a particular date range. This report is obtained by clicking Reports > Quick Reports > Keywords. The Keyword Report is a quick report that you may view to keep tabs on how well your keywords are performing.

AvidTrak Keyword Report

One of AvidTrak’s most popular reports utilizes AvidTrak’s integration with Google Adwords (achieved by utilizing the Adwords API). The integration with Adwords allows AvidTrak to import your Adwords data into AvidTrak and present the same after merging AvidTrak call matching data with Adwords data. The results are transparent: you get to see how well each keyword performed in creating calls and online conversions. Because Adwords also provides data on costs associated with the respective keyword we provide you with another valuable data point: the Adwords costs to create that phone call via a specific keyword.

AvidTrak-Adwords Integrated Keyword Report

You may view report of cost of call and cost per conversion not only for your keyword data but also view similarly aligned reports for your campaigns, ad groups and ads.

AvidTrak-Adwords Integrated Campaign Report
AvidTrak-Adwords Integrated Ad Group Report
AvidTrak-Adwords Integrated Ad Report

Use the Adwords Integrated Report to drill into campaign and keyword efficacy in terms of direct costs paid to Google for creating phone calls. Please note that the Adwords offline integration and the Google Analytics Integration that AvidTrak offers allows Users to push call conversions directly into Adwords. However, the value proposition of AvidTrak’s Adwords Integrated Report is that it breaks out calls and online conversions separately for each keyword. This ability to assess a keyword based on its potential to create a call vs online conversion is extremely helpful for lead generators in formulating bid tactics.

The dashboard report is a summary report which you may setup to see visits and resultant calls by each marketing channel. The report may be setup with email schedule such that you may receive daily, weekly and monthly reports. Digital Marketing Agencies have told us that this report is very helpful to them in keeping their clients notified on the performance of their marketing spend.

AvidTrak Dashboard Report

Calls Summary Report is primarily used by AvidTrak Users whose marketing strategy comprises of PPC and SEO tactics. The Call Summary Report allows PPC and SEO tacticians to view aggregated data across keywords and across channels. Basically this report helps in identifying which keyword in which marketing channel created the most visits and calls.

AvidTrak Calls Summary Report

A close cousin to the Calls Summary Report is the Tactics Report. The Tactics Report covers the performance of all your marketing Tactics: Search, Display, Email and Offline. It measures and reports on not only all the calls that come in by way of each tactic but also delivers performance reports on the number of Visits; Online Conversions and Total Leads (by adding Calls + Online Conversions).

AvidTrak Tactics Report

Unique Caller Report allows AvidTrak Users to determine how many unique callers contacted the company over a predefined period of time. Using a series of filters a User may create reports over 1-day, past seven days, past two weeks, past month or since the User started out with AvidTrak.

Repeat Caller report helps AvidTrak Users identify individuals who are repeatedly calling their business. Knowing your repeat callers allows you to determine if these are SPAM callers who should be blocked from calling you (using AvidTrak’s call blocking feature) or are these genuine leads which are not getting across to the right sales person within your company.

Missed Call Report is used by Pay for Performance (PFP) Marketers who get paid by their clients for actual leads delivered. The Missed Call Report helps PFP marketing companies identify potential leads which should have been capitalized on but were missed because their client failed to answer the phone.

Call Duration Report allows AvidTrak Users determine telephone agent staffing levels by looking at call volume by the hour of day and also looking at average duration of each call by hour of day. This report can be particularly useful if as a business you are planning on increasing your marketing spend significantly but wish to ensure that your customers do not experience increased wait times due to telephone agent bottleneck.

The Visit URL Report allows you to know how many visits a particular web page received; how many calls came through that web page and the average time spent on that particular page. This report allow you to perform rudimentary analytics without having to login to your Google Analytics account.

AvidTrak Visit URL Report

The Visit Log Report helps you in determining how visitors are finding you, what devices and browsers they use, respective screen resolution and how many pages they clicked on each visit. Knowing these data helps you in addressing usability issues of your website.

AvidTrak Visit Log Report

The Path to Phone Call Report manifests the web pages which a visitor to your website views before, during and after a phone call.

By capturing the pages that created a phone call lead you may better align your marketing initiatives to your landing pages as well as those pages which data suggest to be effective in creating phone call leads. Some SEO strategists now use the Path to Phone Call Report to optimize pages as search engines such as Google increasingly mask organic keyword data.

Digital Marketing Agencies have to work not only on improving the performance of the campaigns that they undertake on behalf of the clients but also create easy to understand reports for their clients. AvidTrak allows its agency clientele the ability to setup automated, individualized reports to be emailed to the agency’s client base. But we go one step further. We also allow our agency clientele to bench mark the performance of the campaigns of one set of its client base against another.

To illustrate the above with an example, let’s take the case of Nancy who works for a media agency which specializes in creating leads for plumbers. Using AvidTrak’s agency interface Nancy creates a “control” group by placing some of her plumber clients into the group and then creating another group for the “test” group. Nancy then runs her test campaigns and sees the difference in clicks and phone calls thereof between the control and test groups. Because AvidTrak Agency Interface allows for data aggregation across an agency’s client base, an agency is able to quickly look at and recognize patterns that may impact its tactics.

Using AvidTrak’s data aggregation capability for your clients operating within the same vertical allows you to leverage keywords as well as ad creative effectively.


If you like to see all your actionable intelligence in one place, then you will truly enjoy utilizing AvidTrak's User Interface. Click on any one of the AvidTrak screen shot icons below to see for your self how AvidTrak delivers clarity.