If you are a professional lead generator tasked with the objective of creating a maximum number of phone leads for your client, you would be quite frustrated to learn that many of the qualified phone call leads that you create end up not turning into sales, only because the phone call was not answered by your client. So how does a savvy lead generator ensure that his efforts are paying off for his clients and that he is able to justify his work to his client using data? The answer to the preceding question lies in the lead generator using the AvidTrak Advanced Call Routing feature.

Standard Call Routing for call tracking numbers requires a single phone number that acts as a receiving phone number for the tracking number. In Advanced Call Routing inbound calls coming into a tracking number may be routed to more than one receiving number. Typically the options that are most used in Advanced Call Routing are:

  • Round Robin
  • Simultaneous Dialing

Round Robin call routing entails the call tracking number patching into multiple receiving numbers sequentially. For example, let’s say AvidTrak client, Bob’s Plumbing has four different individuals that work for the company. There is Katy who runs dispatch; there’s Bob the Owner and journeymen Mike and Joe who fill in answering calls when Katy and Bob are busy assisting other clients. When a call comes into an AvidTrak number and Katy is not available to answer the call within four rings, the incoming call is immediately routed to Bob’s phone. In the event that Bob is not available to pick up his phone within four rings then the call may be routed to either Mike or Joe or both. And yes, of course, AvidTrak allows its Users to adjust the number of ring-interval before the call is advanced to the next receiving number.

Simultaneous Dialing is a method of call routing that routes the incoming call to all four of the above named recipients concurrently. This way Katy, Bob, Mike and Joe’s phones ring at the same time when a call comes in. All four parties are notified of the call concurrently. As soon as one of the four people takes the call, the phone stops ringing for the other three. In simultaneous calling an AvidTrak User may choose to also incorporate “Dial This Number First” rule wherein before the inbound call routes to multiple receiving numbers simultaneously, the inbound call is first routed to a standard receiving number.

The lead generator can use the AvidTrak Call Logs report to view how many calls were answered and by whom. These same reports can be setup to be delivered to Bob’s Plumbing daily, weekly or monthly. The lead generator can also use Call Recording to listen to the call recordings to validate the quality of the lead. Using email alerts feature the lead generator can notify Bob and Katy of every incoming phone lead and provide a link to the recorded conversation. In short missing a phone lead can become a thing of the past if AvidTrak’s Intelligent Call Routing Options are implemented.

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