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Call Recording

Call Recording can be an effective tool to monitor and train your employees on how to efficiently serve your clients.

After listening to a call recording you may also tag your calls with ratings such as “Lead”, “Support” or “SPAM.”

Rating calls allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

Setting up call recording is easy and is accomplished with a click of a button.

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Greetings and Announcements for Callers

Caller Greeting

If you are recording phone calls you may be obligated under your State law to inform the Caller that their conversation is being recorded. Click on State Law Guide to get an understanding of your State’s laws on call recording.

You may easily setup your Call Recording Advisory via the Greetings (pre-amble) feature of AvidTrak. In the space provided type in your greeting/advisory such as “thank you for calling ABC, Inc., please be advised that this call is being recorded for quality assurance purposes.” When a Caller dials your tracking number, he/she will first hear the advisory message before the call is connected.

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Real Time Reports on Offline Campaigns

Whisper Message for Call Attendant

Recording, Greeting, Routing and Whisper

Whisper Message

Whisper Message is a tool used by some Marketers to alert (by whisper) the phone call attendant with information of the source of the lead before the attendant begins speaking with the Caller.

The value of using the Whisper feature may be illustrated by describing a scenario wherein you may be running a special promotional campaign using a specific call tracking number. When the call attendant answers the call, he will hear the promotional name whispered by the system before the attendant hears the Caller’s voice. The whisper allows the attendant to tailor his greeting specifically to the promotional campaign.

Whispers should be generally kept short and less than 25 characters in length. An example of an effective whisper message would be “$50 Off” versus “Living Social November $50 Off Campaign.”

Whispers are easy to setup by simply typing in the message and saving. We would recommend that Whispers should always be tested prior to go live with campaign to ensure that Call attendant is able to properly respond to Whisper message.

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