Call Tracking for Lead Generators Complex Problems Solved

Most call tracking companies can solve your everyday call tracking needs, such as track phone calls from:

  • Print, Banner and Billboards
  • Keyword Level Call Tracking using Dynamic Number Insertion
  • Source Level Call Tracking

But what if your call tracking application is more sophisticated? What if you find that you need to attribute calls not only to a particular source/marketing channel, but also to match those calls to a specific destination page? And what if you also need to get the keyword value associated with that click? How do you implement complex call tracking for scenarios that require multiple levels of rules that govern when a particular tracking number may be dynamically inserted on to a web page? The answer to these questions lies in the AvidTrak Call Tracking Platform’s agile dynamic insertion scheme.

Agile Dynamic Number Insertion Methods

AvidTrak has developed a highly versatile and agile framework that implements Dynamic Number Insertion technology. Over the past six years, working with thousands of companies we have developed and successfully implemented solutions that have addressed those complex challenges of displaying particular types of call tracking phone numbers to a matching visit.

For a performance based lead generator, being able to accurately identify a combination of: sources of leads, keywords, advertisement-creative and landing page reduces paid cost per click and as a result increases the margin collected per lead. For a lead generator, when you factor in thousands of clicks per day and hundreds of calls per hour, being able to tailor rules for dynamic number insertion becomes an imperative.

Use Click Arbitrage to Improve Lead Flow Rate

Let’s take an example of a chain of auto workshops that is running PPC campaigns for auto workshop locations within a city. Because, the auto workshop business is location dependent, PPC campaigns are not only geography focused but also use metropolitan “Metro” landing pages in their ads. For those who are not familiar with the term “Metro Page”, it is a term used to describe a web page that lists many different businesses with their respective addresses and phone numbers. The advantage of driving clicks to a metro page is that multiple opportunities to generate a lead from a single click are possible. This is because a prospective buyer of a service can find out about and call many businesses by viewing a single page. Lead generators who get paid for generating phone calls for their client base use this type of “click-arbitrage” frequently.

The challenge with using multiple phone numbers on a single Metro page is related to accurately conducting lead attribution to a particular marketing channel. AvidTrak solves this problem by allowing the lead generator for the auto workshop to use banks of call tracking numbers dedicated to each respective business manifested on the Metro page.

Not only can a lead generator track calls from the traditional Search Channels such as Google, Yahoo and Bing (Paid and Organic) but AvidTrak also allows for special tags to be appended to the URL of the person who clicked such that a specific phone number may be dynamically inserted for a particular type of click.

An example of the above scenario is when a lead generator wishes to create not only a Metro page but also engages in A/B testing of Metro Pages. By using tags assigned to specific phone numbers that get dynamically inserted into a page, accurate measurement of response rates to Call-to-Action may be established.

Implement Catch-All Numbers

Another use case that we have seen many lead generators adopt is placement of a National “catch all” number published on all Metro web pages. The purpose of the catch-all number is to facilitate leads from callers who do not wish to explore the website and simply wish to contact a sales agent.

Using National-Catch-All dynamic insertion numbers you may route calls to locations based on call routing rules: route calls to an agent or route calls to a specific business. You may track virtually any marketing channel on your National Catch All call tracking numbers even while you track calls made into a specific business located on a specific Metro Page.


  • Lead Generators have specific requirements for lead tracking to improve their margin per phone call lead generated
  • Implementing a tailored Dynamic Insertion Scheme requires a flexible call tracking platform
  • AvidTrak Agile Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) system is able to support virtually any type of custom rule for DNI
  • DNI for Metro Pages allows for click arbitrage. Call tracking for Metro Pages is easy with AvidTrak
  • Never Miss a Lead with Catch-All Dynamic Number Insertion


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