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Mobile Ad

Mobile Ad

Mobile Ad Space is exploding as Smart Phone adoption rates reach critical mass.

Place a call tracking phone number on all your mobile ads and videos.

Choose from thousands of Toll Free or Local Numbers and get setup instantly.

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Route Mobile Calls Intelligently with IVR. Use Call Recording, Caller Greeting and Whisper to Close More Sales.

Recording, Greeting, Routing and Whisper

Record incoming Mobile Ad calls to train your Sales and Support Teams

Greet Callers with a message

Use IVR and Advanced Call Routing Rules to route calls to available resources

Use Whisper to alert Call attendant to source of lead

Recording, Greeting, Routing and Whisper

AvidTrak Platform delivers rich reporting for Mobile Calls

Mobile Call Report

Mobile Call Report

Calls are tracked back to:

  • Campaign Name
  • Caller ID
  • Date & Time of Call
  • Call Duration
  • Caller City & State
  • Caller Name (when available)

FAQ about Implementing Display Ad Call Tracking

Will I need to place JavaScript on my Web Pages?


JavaScript tracking script is needed only if you wish to dynamically insert phone numbers onto your web pages from Mobile Ad Clicks.

Can Search Mobile Ads be Tracked?


Yes! The AvidTrak system tracks clicks from all Search networks, Mobile Ads as well all other traffic sources. After placing AvidTrak tracking code on your website, clicks and calls from Mobile Ads are easily tracked.

How many call tracking numbers would I need?


To get really granular data allocate 1 number for each Mobile Ad. To measure calls from Mobile Ad clicks, allocate as many call tracking numbers as the number of hourly clicks you receive from Mobile Ads. To get hourly traffic rates refer to your Google Analytics account.

Can I use Custom Tags in my Mobile Ads?


Yes, AvidTrak supports custom tags! Setup is very easy and may be accomplished in minutes.

Can I route inbound calls to my mobile tracking numbers to different receiving numbers based on Mobile ad tags?


Yes, you may configure your Mobile Ad call tracking numbers to route calls based upon the tags placed within the Mobile Ads.

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