What works for the working woman

The number of working women globally has increased phenomenally over the past few decades and this trend is likely to continue. So what does this mean for your business? Well if you want to increase your market share, then you need to be sensitive to the unique needs and requirements of working women.

Your product offering needs to be particularly easy to use and convenient for the working woman. For example, if you are a retail outlet, then the option of home delivery will save the busy woman about an hour of precious time and this is likely to boost your sales.  Similarly, if you own a restaurant, then providing a small play-area for kids, could do wonders in terms of increased sales to working mothers.  Fine-tuning your product in this way is not an option but a necessity for business success.

A great way of getting to know exactly how to enhance your product is by listening to recorded customer conversations. For example, if a customer calls in requesting for a particular product feature that you don’t have then it would be a good idea to add that feature and call back the customer. You can also use call tracking reports to gauge how many customers ask for a particular feature so that you can plan your product roadmap accordingly.

Once you’ve aligned your product to your audience, it is time to tune your marketing strategy. So how do you allocate your marketing dollar effectively? You track which channel gives you the most convertible leads and you can also track results at a keyword level. This means that you know exactly which campaigns and keywords click with your target audience and which don’t. Further you get this information in almost real time so you don’t have to wait for a campaign to end before you know whether money is being utilized effectively.  You are able to re-allocate your marketing budget as soon as you get relevant information and this boosts your Return on Investment (ROI).

If you have a mobile friendly website with a “call now” button, encourage and enable women driving home from work to contact you in their “down” time. Make telephone sales agents available to speak with your potential clients to guide them towards a decision. Having knowledgeable salespeople available when a potential client has time to talk compresses the interval between purchase and investigation. Use your Call Tracking Platform’s Call Interval reports to determine when you get the most calls and use these reports to train and reward your customer service agents who efficiently answer and address a client’s questions.

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