Use Your Own Phone Numbers For Call Tracking

Affordably, Safely and Accurately Track Phone Call Conversions and Leads from PPC, SEO, Mobile and Print using your own numbers and phone system

BYON Call Tracking Platform

Use Your Own Phone Numbers For Call Tracking

Start Tracking the performance of all your marketing channels by using your own telephone numbers

No need to port your existing numbers.

Avoid risks associated with phone porting

Ensure compliance of preserving Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of your clients by using your own numbers and phone routing system

Use your existing call center, phone switches and voice carrier

Save big on monthly call tracking expenses

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Push Phone Call Conversions into Salesforce, Adwords, Bing, DoubleClick, Marin, Google Analytics and HubSpot

Push Phone Calls into 3rd party platforms

Integrate and push your phone call conversions/leads into

Get a full picture of the health of your marketing campaigns and lead outcome

Existing Phone Network

No Need to Port Your Numbers

Avoid Number Porting

No Number Porting

AvidTrak does not require you to port your numbers to AvidTrak’s carrier

By retaining your own numbers you completely avoid any risk of downtime associated with number porting

Use own phone numbers and call routing system to prevent unauthorized access of your client’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Keep control of your phone numbers and carrier related expenses.

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Access a rich array of data and customized reports

Call Tracking Reports

Phone call conversion and leads tied to

  • Keywords
  • Marketing Channels
  • Referring Sources
  • Campaigns
  • Specific Tracking Numbers
Call Tracking Reports

View Reports Online, Download Data into Excel or Setup Automated Reporting Via Email, FTP or API

Reporting Online, FTP or API

Reporting Online, FTP or API

View reports online or get reports delivered to you when you want and how you want

Report may be viewed and acquired on demand

Delivered Via Email or FTP

Accessed through Web Services API

FAQ about Using Your Own Call Tracking Platform

How do I use my own numbers to perform call tracking with AvidTrak?


Simply contact AvidTrak and tell us that you wish to use your own numbers without going through the process of porting the numbers.

AvidTrak’s Sales Team will provide you with a customized proposal that incorporates the use of your call tracking platform’s telephone numbers into the AvidTrak platform.

How does our company retain its numbers and still get call tracking accomplished?


We only need a manifest of the telephone numbers that you wish to use for call tracking together with daily Call Detail Records (CDR) provided by your voice carrier.

How many call tracking numbers would I need to start my call tracking?


We recommend that you get at least 1 number per each visitor per hour. For example if your Adwords campaign generates 100 clicks over 10 hours you would need at least 10 tracking numbers.

To get a more accurate average hourly traffic flow rate you may refer to your Google Analytics account and look at hourly traffic rates, or contact us with us your questions. We would be thrilled to assist.

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