AvidTrak: Revolutionizing Lead Generation Tracking and Optimization for Electricians and Electrical Contracting Companies


AvidTrak: Your Ideal Partner in Generating Electrician Leads

AvidTrak’s specialized Call Tracking and lead maximizer Product is uniquely designed to connect Electricians and Electrical Contracting Companies with potential customers. Built to match the intensive competition in the electrical industry, AvidTrak helps businesses big and small reach their fullest potential. Here’s how:

1. Immediate Response for Emergency Leads

Electrical emergencies wait for no one. With AvidTrak’s advanced call routing, not a single valuable lead will be wasted. Calls are routed immediately to the right personnel, even during after-hours and holidays. This ensures that the customer’s immediate needs are met, leading to increased satisfaction and revenue.

2. Precision in Lead Routing

AvidTrak’s advanced call routing feature intelligently connects potential clients with the closest service provider using the caller’s entered zip code. If no local service is available, the corporate marketing team is instantly notified, providing essential data for expanding services nationwide. It’s a targeted approach to reach the most relevant leads.

3. No More Robo Nuisances

With AvidTrak’s ROBO and Spam Call blocking feature, small businesses can boost productivity and save valuable time. This comes at no extra cost and shields businesses from unnecessary distractions.

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4. Insightful Call Tracking and Analytics

Want to know what’s working in your advertising? AvidTrak’s comprehensive reporting provides insights into what keywords, ads, landing pages, and placements generate profitable phone calls. These insights feed directly into Google Ads, Bing Ad Center, Google Analytics, and Google Data Studio, enabling cost-effective bidding strategies.

5. Integrate Seamlessly with Popular CRMs

AvidTrak integrates with leading CRMs such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho, allowing businesses to tie back marketing spend directly into their CRM of choice. Tracking ROI and aligning sales strategies have never been easier.

6. Intelligent Lead Follow-Up with AI

Through natural language processing AI, AvidTrak identifies spoken keywords that signal an intent to purchase. The system can automatically transcribe calls, hunt for specific keywords, and alert users for follow-up, leading to higher conversion rates.

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7. The ‘Never Miss a Lead’ Solution

Imagine a scenario where an Electrical Services Business Owner is occupied with a complex task, and a potential valuable lead calls. With AvidTrak’s ‘Never Miss a Lead’ feature, the advanced call router records the call and provides multiple opportunities for the business owner to attend to the lead later. Future revenue is never compromised.

8. Unmatched Support and Pricing

We offer a no-obligation free trial and full onboarding support at no extra cost. Our product support is unrivaled, with no hidden fees like our competitors. With over ten years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients, we offer the lowest prices in the industry for top-tier features.

AvidTrak is more than just a call tracking product. It’s a comprehensive solution designed to bring efficiency, accuracy, and intelligence to your marketing strategies. By integrating seamlessly with popular CRMs, offering advanced features like call routing, ROBO call blocking, AI-driven insights, and exceptional support, AvidTrak puts your Electrical business on the path to success.

Join us today for a free trial, and leverage the power of AvidTrak to improve your ROI on ad spend for Electrical offices. It’s time to electrify your lead generation!

Over 1000 clients switched to AvidTrak for our competitive pricing and support, remaining loyal ever since.

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