Enhancing ROI with AvidTrak: The Ultimate Phone Call Lead Tracking Solution for Custodian and Facility Maintenance Firms

A Paradigm Shift in Lead Management

In the fast-paced world of Custodian Companies and Facility Maintenance Firms, competition for leads is fierce. Especially when homeowners and businesses are often in urgent need of services. In such a scenario, every call or SMS can potentially convert into a lucrative deal. Enter AvidTrak, a SaaS Call Tracking and Contact Center Product designed to ensure no lead goes unanswered.

Precision Call Routing for Immediate Response

Understanding the immediacy of your business, AvidTrak has implemented advanced call routing features. Calls can be accurately directed during standard business hours, after-hours, and even holidays. This is achieved through smart call attendants ready to schedule appointments at any time.

Moreover, AvidTrak goes a step further by integrating a caller’s zip code into the routing system. This ensures that the caller is connected to the nearest service provider, optimizing service speed and efficiency. Any gaps identified in serviceable areas become opportunities for business expansion, with the marketing team receiving real-time data.

Robust Defense against Unwanted Distractions

Spam and ROBO calls can disrupt the workflow and reduce team productivity. With AvidTrak’s state-of-the-art ROBO and Spam Call blocking feature, businesses can focus on genuine leads without the distraction of unwanted calls.

In-depth Analytics and ROI Monitoring

AvidTrak’s platform isn’t just about managing calls; it’s about understanding them. With the ability to identify the source of the lead, keyword effectiveness, and call metrics, businesses can refine their marketing strategies. Integrations with platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ad Center, Google Analytics, and more ensure that marketers have comprehensive data to measure the effectiveness of their ad spend.

The reporting suite offers a holistic view of lead metrics, conversion rates, and overall marketing ROI. From hourly to annual trends, AvidTrak provides an unparalleled depth of data.



Harnessing AI for Enhanced Engagement

Through natural language processing AI, AvidTrak identifies spoken keywords that signal buying intent. By analyzing past data and sales, our AI system can also reverse-engineer the most effective keywords to close a sale. This information allows businesses to fine-tune their communication strategies.

Seamless CRM Integration

Integration with popular CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho allows businesses to tie back revenue and marketing spend directly, ensuring transparency and maximizing ROI.

Why Choose AvidTrak?

  • No-Obligation Free Trial: Experience AvidTrak’s capabilities firsthand.
  • Full Onboarding Support: We provide a smooth transition at no extra cost.
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  • Decade-Long Experience: Over ten years in the industry with thousands of satisfied clients.
  • Unbeatable Price Point: Top-tier features at half the price of competitors.


Never Miss a Lead: Ensuring Every Opportunity is Captured

Imagine being a Facility Maintenance owner, deeply engrossed in a revenue-generating task, when an essential lead call comes through. You can’t afford to miss the call, but you’re also tied up. AvidTrak’s ‘Never Miss a Lead!’ feature is the perfect solution. Through an advanced call router, the call is recorded and multiple opportunities are provided for the business owner to attend to the lead once they’re free, ensuring future revenue is never compromised.

Transform Your Business with AvidTrak

AvidTrak has transformed the way Custodian Companies and Facility Maintenance Firms approach lead management, ensuring maximum ROI and customer satisfaction. Join our ever-growing clientele and revolutionize your lead management strategy today.

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The number of sms that a supervisor can send or receive. Overage charges are applicable only after the respective volume has been exceeded for the period.

Call Recording Minutes

Call Recording Minutes:

The number of minutes for which call recording will be available if recording will be set to on for the phone number.

CNAME Lookup Calls

CNAME Lookup Calls:

Number of calls for which caller name will be fetched (if enabled).

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