Engage Multi Level IVR
to maximize the potential
of every lead

Setup Multi Level IVR to Route Calls

  • Route calls by location and specialty.
  • Route calls by time of day or holiday schedule.
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Setup Multi Level IVR to Never Miss a Lead

  • Send every live lead to an agent.
  • If a live agent is unavailable, lead goes to voicemail.
  • Every lead is answered live, or agent can call back at their convenience.
  • Route calls to most effective sales agents.
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Setup Professional Greeting and Eliminate Spam Calls.

  • Create Custom Greetings for various specialties.
  • Use unique greetings for holidays and after-hours.
  • Fight Robo Calls and minimize junk calls that eat up valuable resources.
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Record Calls & Get Instant Alerts via Email & SMS

  • Record incoming calls to train your Sales and Support Teams.
  • Setup Email and SMS alerts with link to call recording, caller details and campaign information.
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Free Trial & Subscription Packages FAQs

Can I have multiple greetings based on my locations?

Yes absolutely! You may setup as many greetings as you choose.

Is it possible to use different greetings based on time of day and holidays?

Yes, you can easily setup greetings in IVR based on your work hours, holidays, and locations.

Does your system allow for multi-level ‘nested’ IVR?

Yes, you may setup multiple layers of IVR such that you can nest one IVR within the preceding IVR


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