Live Call Monitoring/Whisper/Barge

Utilize Live Call Monitoring/Whisper/Barge

  • Supervisors can listen in on live calls.
  • Supervisors can Whisper/Coach to the agent during a call.
  • Supervisors can Barge into a live call and help the agent communicate with the caller.
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FAQs About Live call monitoring/whisper/barge

What is the difference between Whisper and Barge?

A whisper allows the supervisor to speak to the agent, so only the agent hears the supervisor speaking. A barge is when the supervisor enters the call and speaks directly to the caller and agent.

Are there any charges for using Live Call Monitoring/Whisper/Barge?

Unlike other companies, AvidTrak does not charge separately for enabling the Live Call Monitoring/Whisper/Barge features. You only pay a minimal amount for per minute use of the monitoring/whisper and barge features. (See Pricing page for charges)

Is the agent aware that he/she/they is being monitored by a supervisor?

Yes, the agent can see when a supervisor is actively listening to the conversation.

Is the caller made aware that a supervisor is barging into the conversation?

Yes, the agent can alert the caller that a supervisor is going to enter the conversation, also, the supervisor can barge in and alert the caller that they are now speaking to two people.