Using AvidTrak Numbers in Google Ads Call Extension

Using AvidTrak Numbers in Google Ads Call Extension

  1. In AvidTrak Number Assignment (Numbers > Manage Number) assign a tracking number to “Google Call Extension” from the pull down menu. If you need to track multiple extensions, then purchase multiple tracking numbers all assigned to Google Call Extension in AvidTrak

    For complete number assignment process in AvidTrak interface refer to the page how to assign Google Ads Call Extension Number

  2. In Google Ads, enter the Ad Extension tracking number as a call extension.
  3. In Google Ads set your call extensions to use Call reporting and Save. (See below)



Important information to know regarding Google Ads Call Extensions

  • Call conversion goals must be preconfigured in Google Ads in order for the call to be counted as an Ads conversion.

How to setup and view AvidCalls and Calls from Ads conversions in Google Ads

In Google Ads, click on Segment


Next click on Conversions and select Conversion Action > Conversion Action Name


Once you have done the Conversion Action setup described above you will see two sets of phone call conversions in you Google Ads Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keyword reports

  • AvidCalls
  • Calls from Ads

AvidCalls are those phone call conversions that took place by way of a person that visited the website after clicking on a Google Ad.

Calls from Ads are those phone calls that resulted from a person clicking on a Call Extension Number placed on a Google Ad.

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