How does the
AvidTrak Contact Center
Improve ROI?

Every live lead is captured, routed, and resolved.

Comes In

  • Caller ID
  • Caller Location
  • Time of Call
  • Reason of Call
  • Marketing Tactic
  • New vs Repeat Caller
  • + more variables
Call goes to Agent or Voicemail

Call goes to
Agent or Voicemail

Agent routes call to
appropriate person or

Call is Logged in voicemail
and tagged for callback

Text/Email alert highlighting
live lead sent to relevant

Every Geotargeted lead is optimized by matching the caller’s need’s and location

Routed to closest Agent. | Routed to same Timezone. | Routed to
Agent who could most efficiently resolve caller’s need.

Ad spend is optimized by clearly demonstrating the effectiveness of every single ad.

  • Ad Exposures
  • Conversions
  • Cost per Acquisition
  • Phone Calls
  • Time Spent on Page
  • Customer Page Journey

Lead potential is fully realized by queuing calls so that they’re optimally routed to the most effective sales agents.

Still have more Questions?

What Is the AvidTrak Contact Center?

The AvidTrak Contact Center ensures every lead is followed through to determine key indicators that will maximize ROI on ad spend.

What Sets AvidTrak Contact Center Apart From Everyone Else?

AvidTrak Contact Center offers the most competitive prices And the most responsive product support in the industry.

Who Needs to Use the AvidTrak Contact Center?

Lead generators who lose revenue from their leads when agents are not available to convert the warm lead into a sale.

How does the AvidTrak Contact Center Work For You?

Use call queues to segment and prioritize callers.

How does the AvidTrak Contact Center Integrate into your Current Reporting Structure?

Close loop revenue tracking by reporting phone calls into Google (Ads, Analytics and DataStudio) and MSN Ad Center.

We Pair With Your Marketing Tools

AvidTrak connects to the tools you use to save you time and automate mundane work.

The power to engage billions of customers on a global scale

With our platform and your ideas, you can focus on the marketing that matters.

Millions of interactions across channels with 99.999% uptime

Choose from thousands of phone numbers in dozens of countries

10,000+ businesses trust AvidTrak for communications with enterprise-grade security