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Clarifications on Free Trial, Monthly Pricing Package, and Overage Charges for Numbers & Minutes.

Call Tracking Software Package is a pre-paid SaaS (Software as a Service) hosted software solution. During the Free Trial product evaluation period, a User will receive 14-days of service with an account that is pre-funded by AvidTrak with $20.00 of credit.

On expiration of 14-days of trial, or when the $20.00 credit is used up (whichever occurs first) a User who wants to continue with the AvidTrak Service will need to become a paid subscriber.

Users that choose not to become paid subscribers will lose access to their account and any active telephone numbers in their account.

Free Trial Customers may not port out their numbers without first becoming a paying subscriber.

Our service fee structure is broken up into:

  • Monthly recurring charges for phone number rental
  • Overage charges if any will be applied after package offer is fully used for each functionality included in the package.

Monthly Recurring Charges for Package

The monthly package fee is collected in advance on the renewal date of the package. We do not refund monthly package fee after it has been deducted from your account.

Overage Charges

Overage charges if any will accrue daily and will be deducted from your credit balance in the account.

AvidTrak Solves Call Tracking Problems!

How many call tracking numbers do I need for keyword call tracking?

Use the Estimator tool to determine how many phone numbers you will need to perform keyword level call tracking.

What happens if my account balance drops below $0?

If your account balance drops below $0 services to your account may be suspended. It is therefore essential that your account always maintain a positive balance. In the event that your credit card is declined AvidTrak’s billing system will issue a warning email advising you of the issues evidenced with your card. It is therefore important that you keep your billing email updated. Your billing email on file may be verified and/or updated by logging into your account and clicking  My Account > My Account Setting.

How to make a one-time payment in lieu of automatic recharge?

If you do not wish to use the auto recharge payment feature and prefer to make one-time payment with your credit card to top up your account then use the Add Funds Through PayPal feature. Note: You do not need a PayPal account to pay through PayPal and you may use AMEX, VISA or MasterCard to in lieu of PayPal.

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