Enterprise Call Tracking

Deploy Call Tracking Enterprise Wide. Use Your Own Phone Numbers to Affordably and Accurately Track Phone Calls from Mobile, Online & Offline Marketing Channels

Enterprise Call Tracking Platform

Enterprise Call Tracking Platform

Get Started with Enterprise Call Tracking Platform utilizing your own numbers

Track calls from Offline Ads in Print, Radio and TV

Track calls from Mobile & Online Marketing spend in SEM, Facebook, Display and other marketing channels

Integrate call data with Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst, Adwords, Marin Software and Salesforce

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White Labeled Enterprise Product Saves you Money by utilizing Your Existing Legacy Phone Network

Existing Phone Network

Save your investments in your existing proprietary telephony network

Continue to utilize your existing long distance carrier contracts and avoid paying recurring charges for numbers and talk time minutes

Significantly cut time to deployment and costs associated with validating new phone system

Existing Phone Network

Avoid Number Porting

Avoid Number Porting

No Number Porting

AvidTrak Enterprise does not require you to port numbers to AvidTrak’s carrier

By retaining your own numbers you completely avoid any risk of downtime associated with number porting

Preserve the equity built into your numbers by hanging on to them.

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Rich array of Data and Reports are Delivered to you by the Enterprise Platform

Call Tracking Reports

Phone leads tied back to:

  • Keywords used in Search Campaigns
  • Display Ad Creative and Publisher
  • Email Campaigns and Creative
Call Tracking Reports

View Reports Online, Download Data into Excel or Setup Automated Reporting Via Email, FTP or API

Reporting Online, FTP or API

Reporting Online, FTP or API

Get reports delivered to you when you want and how you want

Report may be viewed and acquired on demand

Delivered Via Email or FTP

Accessed through Web Services API

Integrate and Report Phone Call Conversions into: Adwords, Google Analytics & Universal Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst and Marin Software

Call Tracking Accounts with Integrations into Adwords, Google Analytics, Adobe and Marin Software

Report phone conversions into Google Adwords

Use AvidTrak integration with Google Universal Analytics or Adobe SiteCatalyst to see phone conversions and path to conversion

Optimize your phone call conversion bids on Marin Software

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Call Tracking Accounts with Integrations into Adwords, Google Analytics, Adobe and Marin Software

FAQ about Enterprise Call Tracking Platform

How is Enterprise Call Tracking implemented?


The AvidTrak Enterprise call tracking platform is hosted on dedicated servers and allows unlimited access to User Groups within an Enterprise. We will provide you with tracking code which will be placed on your web pages. The tracking code allows us to dynamically rotate phone numbers on your web pages.

How does our company retain its numbers and still get call tracking accomplished?


We only need daily Call Detail Records (CDR) provided by your long distance carrier for the phone numbers that you own. We will use the CDR to provide you with call tracking data

How many call tracking numbers would I need to start my call tracking?


We recommend that you get at least 1 number per each visitor per hour. For example if your Adwords campaign generates 100 clicks over 10 hours you would need at least 10 tracking numbers per each Franchisee.

To get a more accurate average hourly traffic flow rate you may refer to your Google Analytics account and look at hourly traffic rates.

I have more than 10,000 keywords in my PPC Account but 100 keywords are responsible for more than 70% of the clicks and ad spend. Is it possible to track calls only those 100 keywords instead of every keyword?


Yes. With AvidTrak you may choose to track all your or only a selected set of keywords.

Implementing call tracking for a targeted set of high value keywords allows you to focus your attention on only those keywords that incur you the most expenditure.

Can I track Organic Keywords? If not then what are my alternatives?


Organic keywords are increasingly being masked by search engines. An alternative strategy that is available to SEO specialists is to derive which page and combination of pages thereof lead to phone calls.

By using call tracking numbers specifically for the purposes of page visit URL tracking an SEO specialist may gather valuable data on which web pages act as entry pages and which pages are call conversion pages.

Do you have more information on Use Cases for Enterprise Call Tracking?


Please review Enterprise Call Tracking page to get information on how very large corporations have saved money on call tracking costs.

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