Simultaneous/Sequential Call Transfer/Missed Lead Alert

Setup Custom Simultaneous/Sequential Call Transfer

  • Incoming calls can be transferred simultaneously or sequentially to outside numbers.
  • Incoming calls can be set up to be transferred automatically via the IVR or manually by agent.
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Setup Simultaneous/Sequential Call Transfer Rules for Call Routing for Off-hours & Holidays

  • Provide option for caller to connect to off-hour/holiday business representatives.
  • Get and send out real time alerts for calls that were sent out to outside parties.
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Free Trial & Subscription Packages FAQs

Can I adjust the interval for sequential call transfers?

Yes. When you setup the sequential transfer feature, you may specify the number of rings after which the call will be transferred to the subsequent number.

Are there any charges for setting up and using the Simultaneous or Sequential feature?

There are no extra charges for use of software. The functionality is part of your subscription package.

What happens if no one answers either for simultaneous or sequential call transfer?

If no one answers, the caller has the option to either leave a voicemail or request a callback.

Do the dialed numbers receive an alert about a possible missed lead?

Yes, the dialed numbers receive an email/SMS that a potential lead needs to be contacted.

Can the email/SMS alerts be customized?

Yes, the dialed numbers receive an email/SMS that can be customized for each person or business to which the lead is being sent.


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