Google Analytics AB Testing With Call Tracking

Using Google Analytics A/B Testing with Call Tracking Numbers

Learn which page works best in generating phone call leads

Why use Google Analytics A/B Test with Call Tracking?

Many ecommerce businesses utilize A/B testing to determine which web pages work best in delivering on the business’s conversion goal. Lead generators utilize A/B testing to evaluate web page performance in creating online conversions. By deploying AvidTrak in conjunction with Google Analytics A/B testing you will be able determine which web page works best in creating phone call leads for your business.

How to implement Google Analytics A/B Testing with Call Tracking

The steps outlined in this implementation procedure assume that the User already has a Google Analytics Account and is familiar with using the product’s UI. Additionally you must already have signed up for an AvidTrak Professional account (for dynamic number insertion) and completed the basic steps of account setup.

Begin by logging in to your Google Analytics account and view report of your required website. In reports section of Google Analytics, in the left menu you will find “Experiments” under content menu item as shown in figure below


You will see the following screen, enter your website URL and click start experiment


Start Experiment Screen

Create New Experiment

Enter the details according to your needs as shown in screen below. In this screen you will provide experiment name, and main page URL as original URL. Then add as many variations as you want and click “Save & Next”


Set Experiment Options in Google Analytics

In next screen you will provide the experiment options in Google Analytics; you will select your goals here. If you do not have any goals then create new goal by clicking the link “Create a new goal”.

Fill out the other necessary options and click Save & Next


Create Goals


Create new Goal Screen

Add and Check Experiment Code in Google Analytics

In this step Google Analytics will provide you with script that you will insert in your web pages that you have stored in the previous screen. The script will be placed under the HEAD tag. After adding script in your pages, note down the Experiment ID and Experiment Key (marked red in picture below) and click “Save & Next”.


When you click SAVE Google will check your web pages to ensure that you have inserted the code correctly. If you have performed the code addition correctly then you will see the following screen.


Review Experiment in Google Analytics

This screen will show you the overview of your experiment and allow you to “Run Experiment”


Implement Your Experiments in AvidTrak

After you have completed setting up experiments in Google Analytics you must now setup experiments within AvidTrak. Login your AvidTrak account and go to “A/B Testing” under “Reports” menu. Click “Create Experiments”


A/B Testing Screen

Create Experiment in AvidTrak

You will see the following screen when you click “Create Experiment”. Provide the details in the form below as you did in the Google Analytics Create Experiment Screen


Click “Save Experiment”

Assign Call Tracking Numbers to Google Analytics Experiment Variations

After saving your experiment you will now assign call tracking numbers to the experiment variations.


Click “Assignment” for your required variation and you will see the screen in which your account’s tracking numbers will be listed. Select your desired numbers for the variation and click “Submit”.

You will need to provide the number type for unassigned or free number as shown below.


When you click “Submit” to assign numbers to your variations, your A/B Experiment using call tracking numbers is started.