Columnist Jacob Baadsgaard CEO of Disruptive Advertising has made a valid observation regarding conversions and how measuring all conversions could actually lead to a boost of up to 45% in your actual measured conversion rate. Now, to be clear, Jacob is not making the case that your lead flow will increase by up to 45% overnight. Rather, what he is saying is that by not measuring all conversions an Advertiser is short counting conversions from an Ad campaign. This short count of conversions has the potential to skew an Advertiser’s view on the effectiveness of his marketing campaigns and may result in the Advertiser cutting Ad budgets adversely.

Jacob Baadsgaard’s study of over 2,000 Adwords accounts shows that “only 58 percent of AdWords accounts track conversions.” What’s more Baadsgaard’s study shows that of those who measure conversions, about one half track only a portion of their conversions. The data compiled and analyzed by Jacob Baadsgaard’s firm Disruptive Advertising is shown below. It indicates that the average rate of conversion for all Adwords accounts is between 2.18 to 2.35 percent.


But what Disruptive Advertising also found in their analysis is that when Advertisers rigorously measured all their conversions the average conversion rate increased to 3.16 percent thus yielding to the figure of 45 percent gap in performance measurement.


Jacob Baadsgaard recommends strongly that Advertisers who use Google Adwords should use Adwords’ conversion tracking JavaScript such that it allows an Adwords Advertiser to track all conversions that take place via Adwords. But what if an Advertiser is using other marketing channels in addition to Adwords? What should an Adwords User do in situations where Adwords does measure the conversions from other marketing channels such as:

  • Bing/Yahoo Paid Search
  • Display
  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Print
  • Organic Search Results

The answer to the above question is that to measure all your conversions i.e. online and phone calls from all your marketing channels you would need an AvidTrak Account.

AvidTrak allows an Advertiser to track on one platform all online and phone call conversions that arise from all marketing campaigns. To measure online conversions, AvidTrak utilizes a snippet of JavaScript code that is placed on all pages of the AvidTrak User’s website. The JavaScript code also acts as an enabler of Call Tracking via Dynamic Number Insertion to help Advertisers determine source of phone call leads.

Online Conversions and Phone Call Conversions that emanate from Paid Search, Display, Social Media, Blogs and Print, Radio and TV are all captured in one comprehensive report Tactics Report that yields information on channel performance with respect to creating phone calls and online conversions.

To fine tune a particular pay per click campaign, an Advertiser requires granularity of data such as specific Keyword performance report with respect to conversions. Using Dynamic Phone Number Insertion Call Tracking an AvidTrak Advertiser is able to drill down to specific keywords that lead to phone calls and online conversions.

To measure site visitor engagement AvidTrak also provides its Users with Visit Log reports and page visit session information such that an AvidTrak User can view the pages that generated a phone call or online conversion and also determine which pages assisted in the path towards conversions. By knowing the pages that help in creating conversions, AvidTrak Users can work on improving page content so that conversion rates may be improved.

We also encourage AvidTrak Users to push online and phone call conversion data into Google Analytics and Salesforce. By pushing online and phone call conversion data into Google Analytics granular information pertaining to Visitor behavior may be obtained and understanding visitor behavior can lead to site improvement. Pushing online and phone call leads into Salesforce helps Advertisers tie-back sales revenue to source of leads.


Measure all your Online and Phone Call Conversions on an AvidTrak Platform to determine a true picture of the performance of all your Marketing Campaigns

Implement AvidTrak Call Tracking to determine the performance of your Paid Search, Organic, Social, Display, Email and Print Campaigns

Use Lead Flow Conversion data to Optimize Campaign budgets

Integrate AvidTrak Call Tracking Data with Google Analytics and Salesforce to understand your site visitor behavior and to validate revenue generation against source of leads.

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