The Soul of Marketing

Have you ever wondered why some Marketing messages click and stick in your mind forever while others fade away seconds after you’ve seen them? The three essential ingredients in your Marketing recipe that will delight forever are: simplicity, connectivity and eliminating barriers. These three elements will ensure that your message is sharable and durable.

  1. Simplicity: Whoever said “there is beauty in simplicity” knew what she was talking about. Your product may have a hundred features that you want to tell your client about. However, if you try and explain everything in your marketing message, chances are the client will remember nothing. It is best to highlight only the key distinguishing feature of your product in your main marketing message. Your initial message is designed to evoke curiosity in your product. After viewing your message, the consumer should be in a state where she is looking for more information and not in a state where there is an information over-load and she runs away. For example, the front-page of Avidtrak’s website reads “Effortless Call Tracking.” The details of all the call tracking features are reserved for a time when you are actually ready to start.
  2. Connectivity: An ad by Apple in which a laptop was shown in an envelope was a huge marketing success. Why? It gave a vivid, concrete image that appealed instantly to the potential user’s need for a laptop that is easy to carry. Hence, the one concrete image was able to connect with the viewer and was much more memorable than if the company had chosen to broadcast volumes of facts about the weight of the laptop.
  3. Eliminating Barriers: A potential consumer may stand to benefit from your product but may not want to take the risk of paying upfront. In this case, good Marketing seeks to break the “barrier to trial” for the potential consumer. For example, a cosmetic company could set up a stall where it offers free samples for consumers to test. This approach is now increasingly being adopted by more and more companies as they realize the importance of getting the consumer to test their products. If you are confident about your product, this approach could work wonders. Once the consumer genuinely likes your product, she will spread the word amongst her group of friends and serve as your brand ambassador. The cost of the sample then is well worth the return in terms of brand equity. AvidTrak offers a free trial with a credit balance in your account to start a call tracking account with no obligation to buy.

Hence, if you want the body of your marketing message to have a soul and live forever in people’s minds, make the message simple and ensure that it connects and eliminates barriers.

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