Referral Source Call Tracking

Know Which Web Sites Send Phone Leads to You. Use Referral Source Conversion Tracking Data to Beat Your Competition in PPC, SEO & Link Placements

Referral Source Tracking

Referral Source Tracking

Track Phone Leads back to the Website which sent you the Visit

Use Referral Source level phone call conversion data to outbid your competition on high-value clicks

Cut spend on poor performing web referral sources to Boost your Campaign ROI

Basics of Referral Source Level Phone Call Tracking

Dynamic Phone Number Insertion

Every click to your website from Search or links results in a unique, dynamically inserted call tracking number shown to a visitor

Dynamically inserted call tracking numbers follows the visitor from page-to-page

After a call is made into a tracking number, the phone call record is matched with visit-session. Phone calls are matched to Referral Sources with results published in an easy to read report.

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Dynamic Phone Number Insertion

Implementing Referral Source Level Phone Call Tracking

AvidTrak Account with Referral Source Level Call Tracking

AvidTrak Account with Referral Source Level Call Tracking

Implementing Referral Source Tracking is Easy.

Start a Free Trial AvidTrak Account

Copy and Paste your Account specific JavaScript tracking code on your web pages

Choose and acquire call tracking numbers from AvidTrak’s inventory of thousands of numbers

Assign call tracking numbers to respective Referral Sources

View Referral Source Call Tracking results hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

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FAQ about Implementing Referral Source Level Call Tracking

How difficult is it to place AvidTrak JavaScript tracking code? How is it done?


JavaScript tracking script is unique to each account and can be placed easily on your web pages by any web developer. Example of JavaScript tracking code is shown below. The code is to be placed at the bottom of the page just before the closing </body> tag

<script type='text/javascript'>
var _atq = _atq || [];
var __ats=document.createElement('script');__ats.type='text/javascript';__ats.async=true;
var __spn=document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];__spn.parentNode.insertBefore(__ats,__spn);

Can the same tracking code be used for all Sources of web traffic?


Yes! The AvidTrak JavaScript is a Universal tracking script which tracks clicks from Search (Paid and Organic), Display and thousands of Referral Sources which send you traffic.

How many call tracking numbers would I need to start my call tracking?


We recommend that you get at least 1 number per each Source of web traffic. For example if on average you get 100 clicks daily from Adwords, Google Organic, Facebook, LinkedIn and MSN AdCenter (5 sources) you would need at least 5 numbers

To get a more accurate picture of your sources of traffic you may refer to your Google Analytics account and look at sources of traffic.

How much should I expect to pay for Keyword Level Call Tracking?


You would pay for your monthly phone number rental plus phone talk time. AvidTrak Pricing is very competitive and we offer a free trial as well.

Google Analytics data suggests that I have more than 1,000 unique referral sources of traffic in any given month. Would I need 1,000 call tracking numbers?


No, not at all! AvidTrak allows you to assign either 1-dedicated-number to 1 referral source, or you may utilize a pool of numbers to track many different sources of traffic.

Hence, if you have more than 1,000 sources of traffic we would recommend that you review your Analytics account data to determine your hourly web traffic rate. If for example your average hourly traffic rate is 20 then get 20 tracking numbers and let AvidTrak’s LinkSource algorithm figure out phone number allocation for the Referral Sources.

When is it a good idea to allocate 1-dedicated tracking to 1-Referral source?


If you are paying more than $4 per click per month from a particular Referral Source you may want to dedicate a tracking number. The reason is simple. The cost of a tracking is $2/month so you want to be sure that every $4 per click from the Referral Source site is tracked.

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