Content/Display Network Destination URL

How to Tag Your Content/Display Network Destination URL

  • AvidTrak users who wish to perform call tracking for calls that come by way of visitors delivered from Google Adwords Content Network are required to tag their display advertisement destination URLs using Google’s ValueTrack tagging parameters. For more information on Google Adwords ValueTrack visit:

ValueTrack Keyword/Ad Tagging for Google Adwords:

For Google Adwords Content/Display Network you will need to append:

?placement={placement}&ad={creative}&network={network} to your destination URL.






network = {network}


By appending the above tags to your Adwords display ad destination URL, you enable Google to push respective values of the click into the curly brackets. This Google provided data becomes part of the visitor’s URL which allows AvidTrak’s JavaScript to retrieve, store and publish the required data.

Example URL:

If your current destination URL is then after tagging your destination URL will appear as:{placement}&ad={creative}&network={network}

Remember to turn ON Auto Tagging within your Adwords Account.