Link Source Tracking in AvidTrak

How to Setup Link Source Tracking in AvidTrak?

  • AvidTrak allows advertisers who advertise in content networks and Facebook to track calls from sources other than paid and organic search. Our call tracking solution is labeled Link Source and you would have seen a link with the same title within your AvidTrak-Online (Pro) UI. Link Source allows you to track web visits from 3rd party referring links and any phone calls emanating thereof from these channels.

You may assign either a dedicated phone number for each respective link that you wish to track or you may elect to have AvidTrak rotate a pool of numbers using a session based model (similar to Search) to serve up numbers to link source traffic.

We have seen that some of our clients who use Facebook, ATT Content Network and some other notable channels use dedicated numbers for their paid link traffic while allowing AvidTrak to use session based numbers for some of their natural link traffic.

To assign AvidTrak numbers to your link source traffic click on the Link Source link within your AvidTrak-Online (Pro) UI and enter the URL of the websites that you wish to track.

You may also assign a dedicated AvidTrak Number to your link source traffic via the UI. Of course we are always available to assist our clients in setting up their link source numbers. Please indicate how much traffic you expect daily from your link sources and we can work up the required AvidTrak number quantity for you. If you need any special channel tracking we can provide dedicated numbers and script for this purpose.