Third Party Integrations

Report Data into Third Party Platforms

  • Report call conversions into Salesforce and HubSpot.
  • Optimize Google Ad Campaigns using Call Conversion as CPA.
  • Sync with Google Looker Studio.
  • Integrate AvidTrak data into Google Analytics.
  • Build Custom Dashboards Using AvidTrak REST API.
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FAQs about third party integrations

What are the most effective Integrations that I should consider?

If you want to measure sales agent performance, use Salesforce integration. To optimize on digital marketing campaigns use Google Ads CPA call conversion integration.

Can the platform identify the most effective marketing campaign?

Yes, the AvidTrak call center can clearly isolate the campaign generating the most calls, the source of awareness, the page leading to the phone call, engagement with the website, and numerous data points that help you effectively create valuable leads.


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