Setup Call Queues

Setup Call Queues

  • Call Queues can be department or location based.
  • Departments can be sales, accounting, product support, etc.
  • Locations can be geographical.
  • Agents can be assigned to different call queues based on department or location or skill.
  • Agents can transfer callers to different call queues.
  • Call queues work in tandem with IVR settings.
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Setup Call Transfers

  • Calls can be transferred via the IVR to an outside line or to an internal department.
  • Agent can manually transfer the caller to the requested department or external number.
  • Caller can be transferred via IVR to multiple external lines.
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FAQs About Queue routing & Call transfer

What is Queue Based Call Routing?

A call is assigned to a queue based on the caller’s request for the department. For example, if the caller presses 1 for Sales, the call is sent to the Sales Department call queue. The caller is placed on hold until a sales department agent becomes available. Single or multiple agents can be assigned to the same call queue. Additionally, the same agent can be assigned to multiple call queues.

What is the best use for a call queue?

Call queues are best utilized in companies where there are separate skill based agents who handle specific issues and caller needs. For example, companies that employ sales agents, accountants, product support personnel, can ensure that the call is directed to the appropriate department saving time for both the caller and the responder.

What is the best use for a call transfer?

Call transfers come in handy when an agent or responder is unable to handle the call on a laptop or smartphone app. The call gets transferred directly to a landline or a mobile phone, for example when a call is sent to a field technician with limited data coverage.


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