Multiple Business Implement Call Tracking for your Franchise Business

Learn how to Setup Call Tracking for Franchisees. Implement Call Tracking for your Franchise Business. Provide Call Tracking for Multiple Business listed on a Single Web Page.

For Franchisees who use Paid Search and Display Advertising Campaigns to generate phone leads, have different site numbers based on different locations

Many Franchise companies conduct Internet advertising on behalf of their Franchisees. An advertising tactic frequently utilized by the Franchisor is to create a single Metropolitan “Metro” page which then manifests multiple franchisees (typically in a matrix format) on what is called a Metro-Page.

The Metro Page Franchisee Matrix captures each individual Franchisee’s name, location and a single call tracking phone number. In conducting an Internet Advertising and Marketing campaign, one of the challenges that a Franchisor typically faces is related to determining which keyword, campaign, ad and referral source leads to a phone call to a particular Franchisee. AvidTrak-Metro is a call tracking solution geared towards providing Franchisors with information tying back inbound calls to a franchisee with web visits. Inbound phone calls are matched to search keyword, ad, Campaign-name and web referral source.

AvidTrak Site Group Call Tracking allows Franchisors a user-friendly software platform that yields keyword level call tracking statistics and caller details for each Franchisee location manifested on a single Metro Page.

The AvidTrak call tracking platform is structured such that each Franchisee location is considered to be a group to which call tracking numbers may be “allocated” after the same have been assigned to specific channels.

Once setup this way, calls are matched to visits for each of the various locations, and appropriate reports are produced.

How to Manually Allocate Call Tracking Phone Numbers for Franchisees

Login to your account and go to “Manage Numbers” interface under the “Numbers” menu, here you see a list of numbers bought in your account

As you can see the column “Site Numbers Group” is empty against every tracking number listed in the table

Click the edit link under the “Site Numbers Group” column of any of the numbers of your choice

Enter the site number that is displayed on your franchise site, you can give it a title opitonally

Now select the group tab, create a group and name it for example: “Franchise 1” and assign numbers to the group

You can assign multiple numbers to a particular group, and you can see a list of assigned numbers, once you get done. As shown in the image below

After creating a group and assigning it number(s), click the edit link under the site number groups column to assign the gorup to a number

Select a group to assign to a tracking number, as shown in the image below

You can select same or different site groups to all the numbers listed in your account