How to Add Static Call Tracking Numbers in your Existing AvidTrak-Offline (Lite) Account

Change the Receiving Number of your Call Tracking Number, Set Whisper and Enable Call Recording

Login to your AvidTrak account with your User ID and Password


Acquiring and Setting up/Configuring Static Call Tracking Number for your Account

After you have successfully signed into your AvidTrak-Offline (Lite) account you may purchase a Static number for your account. Click AvidTrak-Offline (Lite) and then select Purchase Numbers from the pull down menu


Next, from the pull down menu choose a country. In the example below we have chosen United States as the country for which we need a call tracking number.


In Step 2 in the field marked Type select either Local or Toll Free from the pull down menu. In the field marked Area Code enter the desired area code. Click the Find Numbers button.


Select a number or multiple numbers (depending on the available credit balance in your account). To select apply a check to the checkbox next to the number. Click the Purchase Selected button and then click the OK button to approve the Purchase.


If your purchase goes through smoothly you will see an onscreen “thank you..” prompt.


You now need to configure this newly purchased number so that you may use it. To configure click AvidTrak-Offline (Lite) and then select Campaigns.


In the new screen that opens fill in the required information. For the field marked “Forwarding To?” input a receiving number. A receiving number is the number that receives calls from your call tracking number. It may be either your office, home or mobile number. Enter the receiving number with dashes as instructed on the page. In the field marked Label Name input a name. In the field marked Ad Group Name you may enter a 2nd label. To record phone call conversations apply a check to the box that appears below Recording. Click the Save Forwarding button to save your phone number settings.


After you have successfully saved your configuration setting your number and its labels will appear.


Changing Receiving Number on your Static Call Tracking Number

If you wish to change the receiving number on your Static Call Tracking number then click AvidTrak-Offline (Lite) > Setting.


In the new screen that opens up click Edit from the Pull Down menu


Enter your new receiving number in the field labeled Forwarded To. Enter the number without using dashes, parentheses and spaces. Click the Update button to save your work.


Refresh your Screen to see the new Receiving Number appear in the column labeled Forwarded To.
Note: We do recommend that after changing the receiving number you test your changes by dialing your AvidTrak number to ensure that your savings were saved successfully.


Adding Announcement “Pre-Amble” for Call Recording.

If you have call recording enabled and you wish to use a pre-amble announcement to inform your callers that call recording is enabled, then click AvidTrak-Offline (Lite) > Settings > Edit


In the Pre-Amble field type in your announcement: In the example below we have entered “this call may be monitored for quality assurance” Click update to save your work and wait for the Onscreen prompt advising you that your settings were saved.


Adding Whisper Messages

A whisper message is an announcement that the person receiving the phone call hears just before the caller’s voice is transmitted to the receiver. Whisper messages are used by Marketers as a means to identify the source of the call. For example if you are running a Classified Ad and using a call tracking number and wish to identify the source of the call you can enter a whisper. To add a whisper to your call tracking number click Setting under the column Whisper Settings


Enter your whisper message and then click Update. We recommend that you keep your Whisper Message as short as possible.


Enabling Email Notifications

AvidTrak allows you to receive email notifications after a call has been received. The email advice carries: Date and Time of Call, Caller ID of caller, Call Duration and a link to the Call Recording which you may listen to by clicking. To setup email advice of call recordings click AvidTrak-Offline (Lite) > Setting and then click the blue box on the left column. Click Email Setting.


In the dialog box that opens up enter the email addresses that you wish to send the email advice. To send an email advice to more than one person in the second field enter the email addresses for other recipients. Separate the email addresses with a comma but do not use a space after a comma. For example:, is the correct way to enter an email address. The incorrect way would be:, You may also apply a filter to the email reports that you wish to use. For example if you only wish to receive email alerts for those calls that last more than 1 minute, from the Call Duration Filter pull down menu select Greater Than and input the digit 1 in the minutes field. Apply a check to the Enable Email Alerts box and click the Update button to save your settings.


If your settings are saved successfully, AvidTrak will issue you an Onscreen prompt.


Adding Funds to your Free Trial Static Call Tracking Number Account

To fund your AvidTrak-Offline (Lite) account, click Billing and select Add Funds


AvidTrak is a prepaid service and to ensure uninterrupted service of your call tracking account you must maintain a positive balance within your account. Please note that failure to maintain a positive balance in your account could result in your account being shut down without additional notification being sent to you. Hence we recommend that you setup Auto Recharge i.e. recurring payment. Auto Recharge Payments will be processed through Authorize.Net.


If for any particular reason you do not wish to fund your account by way of Auto Recharge you may make a 1-time payment by way of PayPal. Please note that in order to make a 1-time payment you do not necessarily need a PayPal account. You may use your credit card and PayPal will act as the payment processing gateway for the 1-time payment.


Reviewing Calls and Call Logs in your Static Call Tracking Number Account

Once your campaigns are activated and you wish to view reports on incoming calls simply click AvidTrak-Offline (Lite) > All AvidTrak-Offline (Lite) Calls to view a call log of your incoming calls. You may adjust the date range to view the calls logs in your date range.


Blocking Unwanted SPAM Callers from Dialing your Static Call Tracking Number

If you find that you have become a target of SPAM calls from telemarketing agencies or from Robo-Callers then you may elect to Block certain numbers from dialing your call tracking number. To access the call blocking feature click AvidTrak-Offline (Lite) > Block Numbers.


Enter the phone number that you wish to block. Enter the number that is to be blocked without use of dashes, parenthesis, spaces or dots. Click the Block button to save the setting for the blocked phone number. If you wish to also advise the blocked callers to place your name on the do not call list then you can type in a message which will be played to the Block Caller. In the example below we have typed in “Please remove us from your list.”


After saving your settings you will see the phone number(s) that have been placed on the blocked callers list as well as any message that you wish blocked callers to hear when dialing your call tracking number. Note: We do recommend very strongly that after implementing this feature you test it by first dialing the AvidTrak number with your own non-blocked number. Your unblocked number should get through and the call should complete correctly. After the preceding test we recommend that you use another number that you may place on the blocked number list and then dial the AvidTrak number from your test blocked number. Your blocked number should not be able to complete the call and you should hear your blocked call message. You may always remove a block from a particular number by selecting the number and then clicking Remove Blocking.


Returning Static Call Tracking Numbers

If you do not need to use a particular AvidTrak number and do not wish to incur additional charges such as monthly rental or talk time costs then you may return the number. To return a number click AvidTrak-Offline (Lite) > Settings and then click the Blue box in the left most column and select Return Number. Please note that all returns are final and hence please be certain that you wish to return a number before executing this function.


On successfully returning a number, AvidTrak will advise you that your call tracking number has been returned.



If you have questions regarding the above instructions please email or call (310) 275-3066 (Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm Pacific)