Call Tracking + IVR (Interactive Voice Response)


Call Tracking + IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to setup advanced call routing rules.
Implement Day and Time Based Rules to route incoming calls during holidays and after-hours

Use IVR based call-routing and greetings; direct incoming calls to Sales, Service and Billing phone numbers. Route calls to different call centers based upon time zones.

Use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to route calls based upon Caller input.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can be an effective tool for businesses which need an advanced call routing system to connect incoming calls to internal business functions. For example you may setup your call tracking number(s) to ring to different internal phone numbers based upon the needs of the caller.

Let’s say you are an HVAC company setup with call tracking. You can use the IVR functionality such that incoming calls may be routed to appropriate departments such as Sales, Service, Billing and HR. You can also keep track of which department receives the most incoming calls.

IVR allows the HVAC company to announce to the caller messages such as “Thank you for calling ABC Heating & Cooling. Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Service and 3 for Billing related questions.” As soon as the Caller inputs her selection, the call is transferred to the appropriate department.

Holidays and After Hours Call Forwarding

Many Businesses such as DUI Attorneys, Locksmiths and Veterinarians offer their services to prospective and existing clients during holidays and after business hours.

To route calls to your cell number, home office number or answering service during holidays and business-after-hours simply set up day and time call routing rules for calls to be forwarded to your nominated receiving numbers.

Simultaneous Calling & Round Robin Call Forwarding

Businesses that take pride in never letting their customer’s calls go to company voicemail can set up their call tracking numbers to ring to several different receiving numbers simultaneously. This tactic greatly increases the chances of your client’s call to reach a representative of your company.

An alternative to simultaneous call forwarding is Round Robin call forwarding. In Round Robin a series of receiving numbers are set up to ring in sequence. For example you can setup such that John in Sales gets the call first, and three rings later Sally, John’s Manager, gets the call if John does not answer. Finally if John and Sally do not answer the call, Peggy the owner of the company gets the call.

Geographical Call Routing based on Caller Area Code

Geographical Call Routing allows you to setup your call tracking numbers to route calls to different receiving phone numbers based upon the Caller ID.

For example if you are running national campaigns using Toll Free numbers and you wish to route incoming calls to local reps operating in specific geographical zones, you can setup rules within your call tracking system such that Caller IDs with East Coast Area Codes are routed to reps operating in the Eastern part of the country while calls emanating from the Southwestern part of the country are handled by Reps who reside in the Southwest.