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AvidTrak, using the Adwords API, integrates into the Adwords platform allowing for a full conversion picture

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What is Adwords Call Tracking and how is it implemented?


Adwords call tracking allows you to measure phone call conversions (phone leads) back to the Campaign and Keyword that resulted in the inbound phone call. AvidTrak uses the Adwords API to push phone call conversions into the Adwords platform.

Do I need to add any special tracking code to my web pages?


If you are already using AvidTrak tracking script on your web pages to execute dynamic number insertion on your web pages then you do not need to add any additional script.

What do I need to do to get my AvidTrak calls pushed into Adwords?


After you have setup the AvidTrak tracking script on your web pages you will need to enter the ten-digit Adwords Account ID and associated Adwords email into the AvidTrak-Adwords Integration field (found in Advanced Settings of My Account Settings.)

You will then receive an MCC link request from a representative account that belongs to AvidTrak. After you approve the link request it takes approximately 48 hours for data from your AvidTrak account to flow into your Adwords account.

Do you offer Product Support to help with this Integration?


Yes, absolutely. We offer full support and can help you in each step of the way.

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